Lady Gaga’s prosthetics and new trend for Elf Ears: the world has got even madder

By Aisling | April 20 2011 | 23 Comments

The world has officially got even madder than it was before if that were possible.

First we had Lady Gaga with her improbable facial growths.  They just grew, she insisted, and has refused to confirm that they are prosthetics.  Maybe she thought she could fool us into thinking that her new single, Born This Way,  does not once again copy the pants off Madonna?

And this week news of a new trend popped into our mailboxes from the farflung and crazy reaches of the good old L of A. When I say trend here I mean it in the loosest possible way.  I mean it in the same way that I believe that Lady Gaga didn’t borrow those stick on face bumps from the props department of the Enterprise Holo Deck and did in fact grow them herself.

Anyway this trend is for Elf Ears.  Apparently films like Lord of the Rings have sparked such a copy cat frenzy among the deeply disturbed and nerdy amongst us that they are actually getting their ears shaped into pointy yokes in the misguided hope that they will somehow transform themselves into Orlando Bloom.

People it aint gonna happen.  And the situation is even more dire because the process is practically irreversable – it slices through capillaries, nerves and the like and is pretty serious.  One plastic surgeon has likened the process to dogs getting their ears docked – it’s that stupid and that painful (he’s also wittily called the process dobermanplasty).

Either of these appeal to you at all?  I can’t decide!  Maybe I’ll get them both!

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23 Replies to "Lady Gaga’s prosthetics and new trend for Elf Ears: the world has got even madder"

  • Jade says:

    Whilst I agree the surgery is abismal with less than pleasing results (80% of the cases I’ve seen regret it due to mismatching ears, etc), I dont actually have anything against the prosthetic ears, which are glued on.

    … Just as long as they’re not worn everyday, let’s face it, stuff like that just looks a bit try hard if worn everyday…

  • Lisa says:

    Yeek. When I saw the subject, I thought you were talking about those annoying stick on elf ears that people who think they’re “wacky” were sporting at Glastonbury a few years ago, but no, it’s ACTUAL SURGERY? Man, people are stupid.

  • roxette says:

    i love this, getting mine done for me friends wedding in november……….
    ill be fabilis wit me elf ears….its all the rage.

  • Kirstie says:

    lookit this:

    Each to their own obviously and I guess it’s no different to lots of body art stuff (widening lobes with plugs, embedding steel under skin etc) but oww, it looks sore.

  • Emz says:

    Ouch for sure

  • Shanna says:

    I know a few lads who were born with natural elf-like ears, but this is taking the mickey altogether – why in the lamb of jayyyyssssuuusss would you want to do that to yourself?!

    Things like this just give me the willies, along with those giant holey earlobe things and the forked tongues. *puke*

  • Kirstie says:

    forked tongues!

  • roxette says:

    O.M.G my lunch nearly came up :(

  • Happycurls says:

    Ewwwww! That forked tongue is woeful to look at. Elf ears though…Maybe one of the beaut would go off and get them for the purposes of a review, like. G’wan Kirstie, you know you want to!! :D

  • Ailsa says:

    There was a lady with (fake) elfin ears in Bored to Death. It must be real if it were on d’telly.

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