Kim Catrall Just Uses Scrubby Gloves – But do We Believe Her?

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kim catrall and scrubby gloves


So, I get this email the other day and it attests that Kim Catrall swears by those scrubby gloves you can buy in Boots for a few quid – yes, the ones that feel like they’re lacerating the arse off you – as one of her top beauty secrets.

Far be it for me to cast aspersions, but yeah right, was what I thought as my brows raised and my eyes rolled. If I was Kim Catrall and was a) loaded, b) famous and c) subject to the scrutiny of the world and all those evil red circles in magazines ‘helpfully’ pointing out my cellulite, I’d be using a lot more than bleedin’ scrubby gloves. Glycolic body peels, HiPOXY machines, all the massage I could lay my hands on and as many amazing cellulite creams as I could get my minions to apply on a daily basis would all be on my essential maintenance list. Scrubby gloves? Not so much.

Do you believe this low maintenance tale? Take the poll and tell us your thoughts in a comment.

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19 Replies to "Kim Catrall Just Uses Scrubby Gloves – But do We Believe Her?"

  • Aisling says:

    Oh yeah Kim I TOTALLY believe you!

  • BerG says:

    She may well use these gloves, but i’d put money on it that she also used a plethera of other anit-cellulite potions and lotions.

  • colours says:

    I’d believe that she only uses these for exfoliating (they are very good).

  • ladyelvis says:

    These gloves are pretty good though. But she must use them in conjunction with fancy stuff. I would if I had her cash. Although actresses wear tons of body makeup for TV and films so all her dodgy bits are plastered in makeup most if the time anyway.

  • PinkPanther says:

    Ha, don’t believe it for a second. Though tbh none of the fancy stuff works either. Cellulite is nigh on impossible to get rid of. If anyone has any tips of something that actually works please let me know. I’ve heard cutting out alcohol, caffine and sugar helps but I wouldn’t be willing to try it unless I knew for sure I’d get results.

  • Donna says:

    I use them. You can use really nice shower creams with them so two in one.

    Now for Kim does she do it herself or get someone else to scrub her down with them?

  • Jeannie says:

    I love scrubby gloves for exfoliating but as a “cure” for cellulite? Please.

    I have a little story to tell about cellulite, though. When I was about seven I was in my granny’s house flicking through Woman’s Way or similar and I came to an article on cellulite. It had a little picture of how to pinch your thigh for the “orange peel” look and so of course I tried it out. I was terrified to find that my squishy little baby thigh, when firmly pinched, came up exactly like the photo. I thought it might be the sort of disease that would kill you!

    Of course I had never indulged in any of the bold things that are supposed to fill you with toxins and my dimples haven’t got much worse in the last 25 years despite plentiful amounts of ALL those things. I reckon it’s just a fat cell pattern and that’s it.

  • Sandy says:

    I think the only way to get rid of cellulite is to loose a few pounds. I lost around half a stone and it worked for me! I’m also active and play sports so that probably helps too.

  • Grá says:

    You see the gloves might work for her. I’m sure she has a extremely healthy lifestyle like an awful lot of them actresses do so she probably wouldn’t have that much cellulite anyways! Exercise and a healthy diet are as good as any cream for the old cellulite!

  • Christina says:

    Actually, I think she might be telling the truth!

    It sounds contradictory, because obviously they have the money to buy all the priciest lotions and potions (in fact, they’re often paid to use them, or pretned they do at any rate!) but people whose career depends in large part on their looks have to know what works and what doesn’t work. In other words, they have to be able to see through the hype. It’s the same with top make-up artists who are happy to say they use high-street brands when they work. And Kim seems fairly down to earth for a top celeb so you never know, she might just be telling the truth!

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    Well, she’s also done Pilates for the past 15 years….

  • blondie says:

    SJP MM…you’re dead right it’s the strict diet. I don’t do either hence the vats of cottage cheese on my ass & thighs :D

    I think it’s like the Kylie/Ponds Cold Cream fiasco…yes I’m sure she uses it but no it’s clearly not solely responsible for her looking like that!

  • sevda says:

    I believe her but she’s using the best creams and a strict diet. I read Elle McPherson doesn’t touch sugar. I don’t add sugar to anything but don’t not eat/drink something cos it has sugar in it.

    Kylie and ponds, there’s a girl I work with who is 39 and no joke passes for a girl in early 20’s – her skin is glowy and plump looking. Another friend who is 43 has the same smooth skin and also uses ponds. Her sis who doesn’t use ponds looks 3 or 4 years older and is in fact 5 years younger then her sister.

  • Alex Donald says:

    I reckon that cellulite is hereditary. My mother never got it no matter how much weight she gainer and I don’t have it either. Also I think that regular hardcore exfoliation is key. I have used a nailbrush (yep!) to exfoliate twice a week in the shower for YEARS and it’s magic. Your skin ends up very soft and it stimulates circulation. Way better than the scrubby glove which I have also tried.

    I reckon Kim may not be prone to cellulite and a bit of an aul rub with a scrubby glove is all she needs.

  • smileyface says:

    Eliminating sugar and alcohol does almost get rid of cellulite if you exercise allot, well it did for me a few years ago when I was super saintly and healthy. The bad news is it comes back with gusto when you stop exercising, eat sugar and drink alcohol. Boo hiss.

  • red razors says:

    i immediately though “kylie ponds cream” when i read this. i don’t doubt she uses the gloves, but i bet not on their own! i am so over those gloves, i prefer a good scrub from a tube instead. any products i used went mostly on the gloves rather than on me.

    @alex donald – i have also used nail brushes :) mostly for my feet, but i wasn’t averse to using one on my upper arms either

  • I use scrubby gloves everyday I think they are brilliant!

  • Babs says:

    I use the scrubby gloves every day and have done for years mostly on my arms for that horrible bumpy skin stuff and I find them amazing, I use a bar of dove as I find gels etc just get washed away before they do the job with the way my shower is positioned. I use a body brush from the body shop on my legs about twice a week especially if having a bath and I swear it would nearly make you cry but works a treat for giving you fab pins. Neither the gloves or brush ever got rid of cellulite. The only thing that ever worked for me was running and spinning classes. I think the running literally knocks the cellulite out of your arse, even when I stopped running so much it hasn’t come back and I had been wrecked with it on my arse and upper thighs. I don’t think the lotions do much good in reality unless you slather them on with gusto about three times a day and then when you stop using them it comes back anyway…

  • gobo says:

    I started getting cellulite at 14, I was super skinny and very active. I’m still skinny and I still have cellulite although I’m now full of toxins and don’t do any rigorous exercise. Unless you have shit loads of money or are willing to make it a huge priority (constant excercise, dieting, no coffee and no booze? Shudder!) it’s not going anywhere, scrubby glove or no. Either Kim’s lying or she is genetically blessed. Considering hollywood stars are chosen for looking good, the latter is entirely possible.

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