Irish Government loses €3.6 Billion: what would you do with the money?

By Aisling | November 2 2011 | 20 Comments


“What’s that now Ted? Ah yeah here’s that 3.6 billion – in a bag stuffed behind the fridge”

Quite seriously this is like an episode of Father Ted.  If hapless Dougal were heading up the accountancy department that is responsible for calculating our national debt.  A matter of such extreme importance that jobs are lost, lives ruined and people plunged into debt and negative equity on the size of that figure.

But no worries, because there’s obviously more responsible people that that looking after our finances.  Isn’t there?

While driving home yesterday I heard to my astonishment that due to an accounting error we, as us in Ireland, actually are less in debt than we originally thought.  To the tune of THREE POINT SIX BILLION EURO.

Due to an accounting error.

I’m sorry?  I don’t think I heard that right?  Due to an ACCOUNTING ERROR?

Who is this accountant?  Who is responsible?  We as people demand er accountancy.

But we will never get it, what’s the betting.

Already regretting my statement handbag purchase in Galway at the weekend (I was forced by Kirstie) I wondered what I would do with a spare old 3.6 billion if I found it at the bottom of said statement bag.

Billions of euro is a sum far too big for most of us to comprehend.  But the same radio station (I think it was FM 104) calculated that if this sum of money was split between every citizen it would amount to 90 grand each.

Now that’s a sum of money I can understand.  It speaks my language if you will.

New car, new wardrobe, new shoes handbags, stuff for the house, luxury break in Thailand, pay off a loan, and a good chunk for charity for me I reckon.

What have you been lusting after that a nice 90k windfall would sort out?  Go on -spill the beans!

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20 Replies to "Irish Government loses €3.6 Billion: what would you do with the money?"

  • Kirstie says:

    pay off credit card, almost at 3.6 billion.

    ps I never forced her to buy the handbag. She went CRAXY with lust of luxury purchase-ay and insisted on buying one vastly more expensive than the sensible one I was buying to replace my very battered 2 year old satchel. So now.

  • Would have to be a round the world trip for the Gorgebags & I. Mo Dhia, the thoughts of it!!

    Preceeded by a rolling around in the wads of notes, of course.

    (Also, if this has gone on in our Government’s ‘accounting’ what else has gone on/is going on? *shudder*)

  • LauraLou says:

    id spend spend spend. Makeup, shoes, big house, Audi RS4. Give some to charity. Oh lord id go on so many holidays!

  • Daisydaisy says:

    pay off debts, new suite of furniture (badly needed – have my eye on the couch with the swivel around ends!!) holiday, also badly needed!!! and shopping, lots and lots of it!!!

  • le smurf says:

    I’d pay off my credit card, buy shoes and pay Lynnie to put together my recently purchased Ikea furniture. Can’t say fairer than that like!

  • This story makes me so angry I literally see red. Like your good selves on, I do my own taxes as I’m self employed. (HA, yes, that’s a joke, barely employed more like.)

    Anyway, last year while calculating the income levy I made a mistake. For some mad reason I used the wrong percentage (don’t ask) and actually paid TOO MUCH income levy. However, because I made a mistake my books didn’t balance and my tax return was delayed. The Revenue even rang me to advise me of this and a very nice lady said it was no problem, that now that I had explained it to her, she could see where I went wrong, it was only small, she’d fix it and finish my return for me. I apologised profusely and was genuinely upset I had made such a stupid mistake. Don’t worry, sez she, honestly, it’s fine, thanks for clearing it up, could happen to a Bishop.

    Until a couple of weeks later when I received a FINE in the post to the tune of €90 for my tax return being delayed. Yes, because I accidentally miscalculated and paid TOO MUCH tax, and my return was delayed, I was FINED.

    They hauled me over the coals and sent me a VERY snotty letter altogether saying the fine was to be paid IMMEDIATELY (in bold red letters) or I faced a court case for 90 f*cking euro yet they find 3.6 BILLION just sitting around?

    This country is a f*cking joke.

  • Kirstie says:

    there is a slight possibility that I might find 3.60 if I look hard enough amongst the couch cushions.

  • Daisydaisy says:

    Karen, that’s awful but it just goes to show that this country will beat down someone for something small and something that you had acknowledged yourself and then won’t go after the big guns whose fault this country is the way it is….yep, makes me very mad as well….

  • Josephine M says:

    Shops would want us to spend spend spend. I make sure it was all spent in Ireland giving a boost to unemployment situation.

  • MilkyMoo says:

    I’d employ a cleaner and a cook! And then purchase Tom Ford foundation.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Oooh, this is my favourite game!

    I’d buy my mam and dad a car each and get them lessons. Seeing as it’s a few billion, they can have one of those houses just beside Farmleigh.

    I’d pay off my registration fees for college and rent a small flat near it, with a lease ending just after my exams.

    I’d go buy a flat in Central Berlin and move over, with Stevie.

    I’d do a dress making or sewing course, so I can finally find a dress that fits my waist and bust properly. I’d like to do loads of little courses like that, cooking, instruments, languages.

    Make-up wise, I’d go spend a week in a spa and have my skin looked at by one of those skin-consultant people. Then I’d buy a swanky skincare routine and be forever glowing.

    OH! And Hermes. Lots of it.

  • debbie says:

    Also due to an accountant error, the German Government *found* 50 billions a few days ago. What’s wrong with these people?

    I’d buy my parents a house and a new car, ok maybe one for each.

    I need a kitchen and a car and someone to drive me around. And i want a set of MAC brushes. And i’d love to travel to the UK.

  • Aisling says:

    debbie – ooooh yeah I’d love to have a driver!

    karen – the revenue on you like a ton of bricks for everything, makes this whole thing even more outrageous

  • JoJo says:

    I’d buy Preachers off the people who own Reardan’s and Havanas in Cork. Just coz it’s my favourite pub EVER and if I owned it they couldn’t kick me out at 12. :D

    Then I’d have a massive shopping spree in New York, donate a copious amount to the COPE foundation … and of course the mandatory car and very fancy flat overlooking somewhere cool.

    Ooh, like the ones on Opera Lane or on Camden Wharf!!!

    Ahem …

    And of course pay for my masters and PhD. And then set myself up in a very nice office. :D

  • Cheap&Cheerful says:

    Karen that is utterly ridicilious!!!!! i would be absolutely seething!!!! and you OVERPAID!!!

  • Zoe says:

    ‘The money was just resting in my account’ haha..

  • deirdrebc says:

    Me? I’d get an interior designer in for my mam’s house (She’d love it! I’m not making a dig at my mam’s decorating skills!)To make it chic and comfy. If such a thing exists! I’d give my dad enough money to allow him to farm full time. (What he always wanted.) And kit out his shed a bit. Yet more shelves! My brothers’ education paid for. And ‘spensive posh boots for me, please and thank you.

  • Gem says:

    I trip to New York would definitely be in order!

    Oh… and I’d buy a new government

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Besides all the ME stuff, I’d like to do something like roll out a new school curriculum that would teach self-confidence in both girls and boys, that would teach Irish people to be proud, not to follow the herd, to lose the drink-until-falling-down mentality, to stop begrudging, to embrace their imperfections, not to drop litter. And I’d make sure old people were looked after, and everyone had excellent education. I’d probably have moved to somewhere hot to ride horses on a beach at that point.

  • Cel says:

    build a house of my dreams.

    organise a round the world trip.

    put a good bit in an account with a good interest rate. (say about 10 million, and I wouldn’t touch it for a couple of years)

    buy my family something cool each.

    go back to college and do a course full time. (So i don’t have to worry about money)

    oh, and a shopping spree :)

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