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Illamasqua Sangers: Bwahahahahaha

By | January 31 2011 | 20 Comments

illamasqua sangers

I know it’s pulled out of Ireland and we shouldn’t bother our arses giving it any blogspace now we can only buy online, but I am so totally tickled by the name of one of Illamasqua’s new lipsticks that I had to post about it, after getting a reminder by way of Lipglossiping.

Cos it’s called Sangers.

Ha ha! Sangers! Hang Sangers! Hang Sangers, a packhaTayho and a bottleaFinches fizzy ordange, plee-azz.

We do enjoy a beauty name that magically transforms its meaning into something radically different the second it hits the Irish market. Try Kerstian Florian Spa Face and Mickey Contractor (oo-er) on for size, and I challenge you not to titter. Needless to say, anything with the word douche in it is also a sure-fire giggle-maker.

For our non-Irish readers, sangers is a colloquialism for sandwiches, so you can see why we’re amused – check this post for some more funnies, and if you have any others that make you laugh, leave ‘em in a comment!

Sangers is a matte blood-red lipstick costing £15.50STG and is part of the current Throb collection; you can buy online from

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