How to Fix a Broken Ferrule on a Makeup Brush

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One of the ferrules on one of my beloved Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes loosened and came off a while ago and as I’d bought it in New York, I wasn’t exactly gonna find it easy to replace. Ok, so it’s not like I’m short on brushes but I really like the pair of Sonia Kashuk brushes I have and I used ‘em a lot.

It was a clean break – basically the glue holding the brush head to the handle just gave out. I faffed about with it for a bit sans handle but eventually decided to try and fix it.


Would masking tape do the trick? Er, no.


Then I remembered I’d read a tip ages ago over on Makeup And Beauty Blog: Karen recommended pinching the ferrule back into place using a pliers. Digging out a pliers from my toolbox, I reckoned something with a needle nose would be best.  Now, do note that this tip will only work with brushes with metal ferrules – ones with plastic ferrules will just crack and shatter under pressure, so try glueing them instead.


As it happens, pressing from the tip didn’t ‘crimp’ in the metal around the handle enough.


I needed to use the sharp part of the pliers you’d use to cut wire or strip insulation from cables. Carefully pressing down, I squeezed the ferrule into place and caused a small depression on either side of it which meant it couldn’t move up or down either. I had to be quite gentle because the handles of these particular brushes are plastic as opposed to the more normal wood, and I didn’t want it to snap.



Yeah, the result’s not too pretty – you can see the crimp in the metal above. But my brush is back in working order, feels firm, is usable and so I’m pleased with the result.

If you’ve got any wobbly, loose brushes, will you give this a go?

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11 Replies to "How to Fix a Broken Ferrule on a Makeup Brush"

  • Paris B says:

    That’s a great tip but I’m wondering if it might just be easier to grab a tube of super glue and glue it back in place? Or will that not work as well?

  • ams says:

    My brush was losing bristles so was looking for pliers to tighten it – boyfriend ended up fixing it in the jam of the door – needs must!

  • lainey316 says:

    ams – will try that IMMEDIATELY with my 187 (but think it is dead)

    My 190 broke like this, and my Ruby & Millie powder brush, took ‘em home to my dad and he sorted them with superglue. I didn’t tell him how much they cost tho ;)

  • Lurganista says:

    Sure u & Karen are amazeballs! Wot other beauty blogs would have this kinda great info! Brushes are sooo expensive but beauty cuties have saved the day yeah! Well done great insiders tip!

  • Babs says:

    Must do this with my loosening eyeshadow brush that pisses me off every morning because it’s turning but I haven’t done anything about it even though it’s been like that about a year! Think mine loosened when I was washing it, I was a bit over zealous with the water. Oops!

  • Kirstie says:

    Paris B – you could indeed. But as this was glued before and came loose I prefer to pressure-fit it so that it definitely stays put for the long haul!

  • Eilis says:

    I wonder would it work for my Smashbox Number 19 which (grr) came apart after washing this week – and I’m always very careful about not getting the ferrules wet! I’ve wedged the bristles back in again and it’s OK in the meantime.

    I bought a new Ecotools brush to try this week – a smudge liner with a sharpener on the other side. Quite good but the ferrule came right off at about the third use so I’m going to take it back. (Grrr..again).

  • Donna says:

    That happened to one of my Kevyn Aucoin brushes, I have it taped together. Thanks for the idea now I will get the pliers out.

  • BerG says:

    Beauty tool time, i love it. Have been known to bite the smaller ones back into place, dreadful i know.

  • Wow, amazing how a simple trick and salvage a good brush!

  • salsera says:

    If one of my brushes breaks, I consign it to my tiny daily make up kit, which contains a worn down chubby stick lipstick, half sized liner and mascara, sample bottle of foundation, which I refill, and handle-less brushes (2). Oh, and tiny bottle of benetint. All fits in a pochette that’s about 3 inches square.

    I look on brushes breaking as an Act Of God. I don’t need the handles on them.

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