Hairdresser Fear: The Longer I Leave it, The Worse it Gets

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D’ya know the way when you (trans=me) haven’t darkened the door of the hairdressers for oh, about a year (forgive me, Estee, I have sinned, and it is actually about 12 months since scissors last touched my locks) and the longer you leave it, the more of a trial going back becomes?

It’s not the cut I’m apprehensive about. It’s the lip-curling incredulity about the state of my split ends I’m completely weary of. Because I know – oh God I know – they’ll give out yards to me.

Oh yeah. There’ll be chiding, jaysising, brow-raising and all manner of “who cut it for you last” (ans=you) about the absolute state of my hair, what a terror I am for leaving it so long and unless I go really high-end (which I can’t afford at the moment) this seems to be bog-standard salon behaviour, and no one bats an eyelid at the customers being shamed in public by the staff.

Ok, maybe it’s just me. I do often leave it a long while between trims – basically because I don’t care to pay to be given out to – and then I end up paying to be given out to. And my split ends are a frizzy disgrace that no amount of Moroccanoil can disguise any longer. So I guess I bleedin’ deserve it after all. Gah!

What’s the worst case of Salon Shame you’ve suffered? Spill in the comments!

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52 Replies to "Hairdresser Fear: The Longer I Leave it, The Worse it Gets"

  • blondie says:

    I hate this too Kirstie. when you think about it, it’s so rude that they are speaking like that when you are paying them! Now i just make a point of telling them, with a pointed look, that i can’t actually *afford* to come any more often. but then when it’s done they say ‘now isn’t that much better’ in a really patronising way which to me sounds like ‘look how i improved you, ya were a wreck before’ haha. I also feel guilty going back to my usual place cos i keep alternating it with city deals. again it’s mad really, we are paying so we shouldn’t feel guilty. must be an irish thing :D

  • BerG says:

    Kirstie: But it will hopefully all be worth the endurance test, when it turns out beautiful.

    I go to the same girl for over 8 years now and she is lovely. Can honestly say i trust her implicidly. She never cuts without checking everything with me before hand.
    On occasion i get given out to about leaving it for so long, between cuts. When this happens my first instinct is to say `well im here now and if you keep on at me, you won’t see me again’. Hate having to be made explain myself.

  • Jeannie says:

    I have natural red hair but when I was a student the fashion was for all those burgundy and plum colours. To cut a long story short, my hair sucked up colour like mad, and before I knew where I was it was as dark as a crow’s wing and I hated it.

    I thought I’d have the best chance of getting something sorted out if I went to the best salon I could think of, so I innocently went in to Toni and Guy on Clarendon St where they told me I looked ridiculous (in fairness, the colour was bad all right!) and there was not much they could do, but they would try to strip out the colour and add highlights. They charged me £110 to put four narrow fuschia streaks over my forehead, leaving the rest as dull and black as a witch’s knickers. I cried all the way home. I had to put a home colour over the highlights that night as we weren’t allowed to have odd-coloured hair on surgical rotations, and of course I concluded that there was nothing that I could to to fix my gruaig except grow it out.

    After months of badger-like weirdness, my mother’s lovely hairdresser at River in Limerick charged me about £70 to gently strip the colour out and match it to my natural shade. I was so grateful; hadn’t even imagined that such a thing could be done, and I’ve never coloured it since. But Toni and Guy treated me miserably and left me broke and feeling awful.

  • Fifibelle says:

    @Jeannie, thats miserable!!!

    Have to say my current hairdresser is a dream to work with, have had a couple of disastrous cuts though. About 10 years ago, a girl actually cut my ear!!!She was morto, God love her!! Especially since it wouldn’t.stop.bleeding!!!

  • RiRi says:

    Kirstie, I got my long locks cut on Saturday. Last time I got my hair cut was in December, but it was just a trim nothing more.
    Let me tell you I left the hair dressers in tears on saturday, and had to buy 2 pair of shoes to cheer myself up. I actually look like a 16 year old with the hair cut I have got now. I am never getting my hair styled again, never.

  • Emmie says:

    I’m in this boat too! Haven’t cut my hair in at least 6 months because the last time I did, I was barely left with any hair. Les than an 2 inches on my head and barely any fringe! Nearly died. So I decided to not cut it to get it to a decent length which it is now almost at. My hair grows as fast as a snail…walks? Do they walk? Whatever, but yes, its’s not very long at all. What was I thinking shaving the sides off?! I’m going to cut it within a month I’d say!

    But have you checked out City Deal? They often have seriously great deals on hairdresser visits!

  • alchemystee says:

    I had an unfortunate encounter with a DIY home highlighting kit, a few years back. I shamefacedly ran to my hairdressers the next day, where they were very polite to my face, telling me it was fixable, etc.

    However, I obviously horrified the owner to such a degree that she felt the need to mouth me off silently to the other hairdressers, and shake her head towards me in a manner of ‘would ya just LOOK at the state of her, ffs’…… behind me at the back of the salon, where I could *see her clearly in the mirror*!!

  • Queendabc says:

    I am a student and cannot afford rediciulous salon prices to get my hair trimmed. I mean €40 to get a centimetre of hair trimmed?! One day i could not rationalise spending that amount for such a small service so i went online, watched a few videos, bought a good scissors (in boots €10, how bad!) and started trimming my hair myself. I am so good at it now i can do my own side fringe! Me thinks it will be a long time before i darken the door of any hair salon again!

  • Karen says:

    I’m the exact same Kirstie, I got my hair cut back in October of last year in a small little place that was reeeeally cheap and after all the colouring I did myself this year I was morto going to my usual stylist, but he was totally grand and didn’t say a word about the Wurzle-esque mop on my head, I sat there cringing the whole time though, especially because my roots were so bad and yes, I had considered doing my roots before going to the hairdressers that time! Just go and sure it mightn’t be as bad as you think, just think of the relief you’ll feel when it’s over and one with

  • Lisa says:

    I have such a love-hate relationship with hairdressers. They have that horrible way of making you feel like an utter eejit with just one raised eyebrow! Think my problem is everywhere I go, I want them to do something radical, but keep the lenght as Im always trying to grow it! That usually gets exasperated sighs (fair enough I guess). Have a city deal vocuher im going to use next week. fingers crossed!

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