Gosh Less Is More for Spring 2011

By Beaut.ie | March 31 2011 | 17 Comments

gosh less is more

Gosh’s Less is More collection for Spring 2011 is pretty well named, I reckon. Check out the model shot. Yup, less, in this case, seems to be more. Peaches, pretty pinks and nude tones tell the story and nothing costs over €12.99 – always good news. So lets have a gander.

shadow palette

This is the Eye Shadow Multi Compact in Nude Passion and it’s the horrifying (yes, I joke) price of €12.99, for which you get six nude shades. I haven’t had a chance to maul this myself, you understand, but Gosh’s shadows generally stand muster so if it swatches well then it seems it’s a good bet for the price.


Two Natural Touch Cream Blushers are on offer in Fluffy Peach and Silky Rose. €11.99′s the damage for each and Laura over at Fitz n Bitz reports that these are on the sheer side, so take note if you like lots of pigmentation.

gosh liquid highlighter

I really like the look of this and wonder could it be a dupe for Mac Strobe cream. It’s a Liquid Highlighter and it’ll cost €10.99.

gosh lipstick

Two lipsticks for €10.99 a pop are part of the Less as More collection too. Correct me of I’m wrong here but I think these are permanent collection items, just glammed up with some floral doohickies for Spring? Shades are Nougat and Cappuccino.


One of Gosh’s strongest offerings is nails and here are another two very nice offerings. (Kinda) matching lips and tips anyone? Nail Lacquer in Miss Sweetie and Miss Mole are €8.50 each. Again, I’m pretty sure these are permanent shades given a bit of a spring clean.

Everything is on counter now and you’ll find the range at the usual suspects including branches of Awear and pharmacies nationwide.

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17 Replies to "Gosh Less Is More for Spring 2011"

  • Fabiola says:

    It’s strange that Gosh’s spring look looks quite different over here in the Netherlands:

    I must say the Irish version of their spring look seems more appealing, but I do find it a bit of a pity that Gosh seem to grab a bunch of existing products, add in a new one and call it a seasonal collection. They don’t seem to bother coming up with a name for the collection or glamming up the packaging over here, which I do find somewhat odd.

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    Swatched the illuminator yesterday. Glitterball Insanity!

    Use a VERY light hand if you’re planning on buying this!

  • RiRi says:

    oohh, loving the look of it. My local pharmacy was recently revamped and they have Essence, Rimmel and Gosh stands. Will check it out in the eve on way home.

  • Love the look of the illuminator and that peach nail varnish. I have it in my head that I want a peachy nail varnish so might have a look see, and that peach blush looks bootiful :)

  • Holly says:

    Love the look of the blushes, I’ll start saving :)

  • Brass Neck says:

    Having seen these in the shops, they’re oddly flat and bland. I can’t quite explain it, I’m normally a sucker for a nice nude, but there’s something maybe a bit too “mod” about these.

  • BerG says:

    Karen: Im with you on those two products, they look lovely. Must investigate further. I like the way their packageing is nice and sturdy.

  • rosey says:

    I bought the Eye shadow multi compact last weekend and first results were disappointing. I know they’re nude/subtle shades but the payoff was very poor. That said I was using the brush that came with the set, so possibly it would be better with a proper brush. Also, the shadows are pretty tiny but hey, the price is too.

  • sweetie says:

    Surely I have to get Miss Sweetie polish:)) And peach blush looks lovely too. Don’t have any Gosh makeup other than nail polishes, so should defo check their offerings better next time.

    Is it just me, or model looks a bit too duck-faced? While make-up looks luverly, there’s something a bit off-putting about the image. Blonde Rosie Huntington-Whiteley anyone? :/

  • Aoife says:

    I got the Miss Mink nail varnish the other day and its amazing! Been wearing it for a week now and it only chipped for the first time last night! I got a Channel one at christmas and its way longer lasting! I used a clear base coat though which might have helped but its my new favourite nail varnish make!! The colour is real unusual too!

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