Detox and fitness off to a shaky start. Actually off to no start at all

By Aisling | January 11 2011 | 51 Comments

You know, every January we’re in a mad rush to talk about detoxing and diets after the piggery of Christmas – but this year I’ve sensed a bit of reluctance.

Maybe that’s just me with the reluctance … I have done no detoxing as yet, nor have I made any effort whatsoever to shift the muffin top that’s taken up evil residence at the top of my jeans.

In fact yesterday I ate half a tube of Smarties that I discovered had survived the post Christmas cull (cull involves me throwing crap like this in the bin on New Year’s Day, determined that such things will never pass my lips again).

Forget about Couch to 5k or the 30 Day Shred – I’m still on a regime of Couch to Fridge.

What about you?  Started a diet/a gym membership/done anything to shake of the unhealthiness of Crimbo?

And has anyone even taken their Wii Fit out of the box yet?

If you have – let me know!

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51 Replies to "Detox and fitness off to a shaky start. Actually off to no start at all"

  • Girlwiththeskew-earring says:

    Jill is killing me. So is my Husbands crappy idea of a Diet. No potatoes or processed foods. Or Bacon. Or Cheese. Sucky stupid Paleo-diet.

    But I have to do something so I look respectable in a Cozzie in April….

  • Nims says:

    Ive been thinking about getting fit and eating healthy… Does that count?!
    Ive just been finding it hard this year… So hard that even though there are no goodies left in my house, ive been nibbling away on a yucky box of sour cream and onion pringles, even though i really hate them… I need help :-(

  • Daisydaisy says:

    The gym i used to go to closed just before Christmas so that’s been my excuse for the last couple of weeks….I ordered Jillian Michels’ 30 day shred from amazon the other day, gonna give it a shot and i have Davinia McCall’s dvd (not her new one – the one before it). Its hard to get motivated this year for some reason and everyone seems to be in the same boat….

  • kittyKat says:

    Girlwiththeskewearing: it’ll all be worth it tho’. I did something similar going to Florida a few yrs back. I hit the gym for months in advance and toned up so I’d look half decent in my shorts and vests in the parks. It paid off. Despite being away for a fortnight I didn’t put on a Ib on that holiday and came home looking the way I’d gone, despite huge American dinners and pancake breakfasts. :-)

  • RiRi says:

    Oooh my favourite subject.
    My new year resolution is to stay fit and to drop at least one dress size.

    I have started keeping a food diary from last monday (you can print it from the or boardbia websites) and its very handy. I realised from the time I am keeping a food diary I can see what I am eating I can plan my meals or snacks. I am on a 2000 calories per day plan as of now, as I dont want any drastic weightfall(dont like the stretchemarks on my waist).

    I do aerobics for 20 minutes and 10 minutes abs 4 days in a week and I always get down 2 bus stops early on the way home and then I brisk walk home.I have sky digital box so I record different exercise videos from Health channels and I create my own personalised workout. I dont like spending money on Yoga/ Pilates thats also for one day a week(It doesnt help, believe me, have been there)And I realised that I get too lazy in winters to get to the gym.

  • kittyKat says:

    Riri, wow I’m impressed. Thats some regime. Fair play to you.
    I overheard a doctor in the canteen in work (before it burnt down) telling his companion that gyms are a waste of money. He said all you need to do is eat well and run a few times a week ! He was dead fit looking too so it obviously worked for him. It struck a chord with me.

  • Grá says:

    Aphrodite was alset for a long walk new years day but ended up drinking until 8a.m. and when I finally got to bed I didnt wake up until the 3rd January :D so that was the end of the good start! Plus got a chest infection since so the coughing has depleted any muffin top I developed over Xmas but I feel weak and like a bag of infected bones so that’s no good either! I must built up my strength so I can develop muscles! That’s my goal this year, fit, muscley and strong!

  • RiRi says:

    U know it might sound wierd and unapproapriate, I am just very scared of getting fat for some reason, so it keeps me going.
    And watching Biggest loser and Operation Transformation motivates me like anything, if they can do it I can too.

  • sevda says:

    Have not done anything this year apart from a new year day walk to help clear head after a very late night.

    My excuse is it’s too dark.

    Anyone see the One show – it showed a guy who did 4 minutes of exercise over 5 weeks and OMG he lost a stone. Sorry can’t remeber how many times a week cos I was only half listening.

  • tinydancer says:

    I had great intentions to get fit, and also strong, this year but like Grá, stupid horrible sickness and cough has got in the way. And of course, because I’m feeling sorry for myself, I am eating whatever I want, with the excuse that I’m sick! I’m giving myself this week to fully recover and then next week I will be back in the gym, using my Wii Fit and also my Just Dance game I got for Christmas, which is great fun but also hard work!!

  • Im starting a boot camp class on wednesday night, should be fun, its meant to be intense, i told the instructor i was really unfit and he said it was fine so hopefully il be ok, there was a piece on it on nationwide and it looked like so much fun i had to sign up.

  • ceci says:

    After I ate my body weight in food in December, I started the new regime last week.

    I’m lucky that I don’t really want to lose much weight, I mainly want to get rid of the belly and tone up everywhere else. My big downfall is eating sweet stuff, so I’m not gonna have them in the house. I’ll have the odd bar of chocolate, but just not every day which is my usual practice.

    Also I think that you really have to try vary the exercise routine, especially for a girl. My boyfriend does the same set of exercises every time he goes to the gym and never gets bored. I dunno how he does it. So the new exercise plan for me is gonna be a mix of these:

    Yoga on Mondays (free in the gym)
    Sunday walk
    30 Day Shred – only did this once so far and I def want to Kill Jill!
    Normal gym workout

    I’ll try do a mix of these things so that I exercise 4 times a week cos I’m sick of sporadically exercising and seeing no real results.

  • kittyKat says:

    Tinydancer, gotta say that just dance game looks a blast. Everytime I see the add on telly I want to run out and buy it. It looks like great fun.

  • Ailsa says:

    I went back to the gym yesterday and did my lunges and weights, etc. Sore bum and legs today!

  • Grá says:

    Cici my big downfall are savoury things…. I don’t have a sweet palette so savoury things could include three dinners in one day aswell as breakfast and lunch! I love Potatoes, veg, cheese, chicken wraps, baked potatoes, home made wedges yum yum! But it all sits heavy in my gut which explains my pregnancy belly (I’m not pregnant and there is no chance that I could be unless I got infected by the Virgin Mary Syndrome :D hehe!) This is how much sweet stuff I ate yesterday for example…. half a viscount biscuit, put the rest in the bin couldn’t stomach it! Weird!

  • tinydancer says:

    kittyKat, I’ve only played it a few times cos the cold got in the way, but it is really good fun I have to say! I’ve played it with a few people and it’s great craic, but even on your own it’s fun and I was wrecked afterwards, so either I’m really unfit (quite likely) or it’s a good work out! Just have to remember to close the curtains in the sitting room when using it or else all the neighbours will have great entertainment, watching me prancing about like an idiot!!

  • Breige says:

    Ya, mine didn’t get off to a great start but last week I did exercise 3 times without really noticing (Ice skating on Monday, Kill Jill on Weds and I count dancing in heels for an hour on Saturday night as exercise!!!). Food wise I wasn’t great either last week, but I weighed myself last Monday and yesterday and I lost 5 pounds! Some is definitely water weight but it’s so encouraging!

    I didn’t get around to Kill Jill yesterday but I will today, esp since I have some Beaut.ies on Twitter who will encourage me (and make me do it!!)

  • Jeannie says:

    I babysat a friend’s dog over Christmas. He’s a lively hairy terrier and mad for w.a.l.k.s. at all times. We started going out for about an hour a day – I HAD to do it no matter what the weather as he would just stare hopefully at me for hours otherwise – and it was honestly very rewarding… breathing fresh country air rather than recycled gym air is lovely, and I’d far rather gaze at trees and birds than some stranger’s sweaty arse while I exercise. He’s now fit enough for Thursday night down the greyhound track, and I’ve definitely lost a few pounds too.

    He’s now gone home but I’m going to pick him up this afternoon for an outing.

  • Aifs says:

    I’m back on the Kill Jill wagon as of yesterday. My aim is to lose 8lbs before my birthday in February. I’ve also ordered two more of Jillian’s DVDs and the new Pump it Up one so I’m going to guilt myself into doing it. I’m cutting down a bit on the amount of junk I’m eating too. The food diary is a great idea RiRi. I should start one myself.

  • sevda says:

    The ladyloves87 – I did a bootcamp 2 years ago and could hardly walk after the first one. After that it was fine (if you can say being in a constant state of collapse is fine).

    The first night is the worst cos you use muscles which have never been used before. It is good though.

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