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Could You Live For a Month With 6 Items or Less?

By | January 18 2011 | 58 Comments

six items or less

I read a piece on Jezebel last week about the Six Items or Less initiative: primarly fashion-based, you eschew the trappings of consumerism for a month and agree to wear, yes, you’ve guessed it, six items of clothing or less.  Things like underwear, shoes, socks, accessories, workout clothes, pajamas, outerwear and work uniforms don’t go towards your stipend, so you’re sorted there – but for everything else, six is the magic number.

Is it possible? Is it even worthwhile? If you’re the wearing-a-hairshirt type then yeah, you might like to give it a go to see if you could go back to a time of greater austerity when fast fashion didn’t define our clothing choices. It’s not that long ago, either. But what I immediately wondered is if it’s possible to do a six items or less on your beauty routine.

Extrapolating the rules out,  lets assume that basics  – beauty underwear, you might say – like cleanser, moisturiser, shower gel and shampoo and conditioner are already accounted for and are ‘free’. Now you’ve got to pick – and stick with – just six other items.

So, what would yours be?

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