Clean and Clear Morning Energy: Budget Cleansing for Teenagers & Young Skin

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clean and clear morning energy

When these juicy-looking products landed on the newsdesk in a Jiffy bag, I thought they looked good enough to eat. Aimed at teenage and young skin, Morning Energy’s really all about cleansing and very basic care on a budget. Everything costs €4.99 and there are eight products dedicated to washing, scrubbing and toning, with a couple of moisturisers as finishing steps. The eight products are organised into three strands:  skin energising, skin brightening and shine control.

clean and clear

So what’s the point of difference? Bursting beads, ladies. All the Morning Energy cleansers have cute little spheres packed full of goodies and the products contain fruit extracts, vitamin c and ginseng to give skin a kick up the arse in the morning a nice start to the day. Yes, that one.

clean and clear

There you go – a bit of a goo at the gloop.

Now, while the products do claim to suit all young skintypes, I got a bit unstuck with the names. Shine control’s a bit of a no-brainer – I’m guessing you choose this if you’re sebum-prone, but skin energising and skin brightening are a little trickier. I’m presuming energising might be a goer if you’re looking a little lack-lustre, but then so could brightening. Oh, it’s a conundrum. However, at €4.99 a product, it’s not going to be too wildly expensive to find out.

The range is available right now at supermarkets and yer usual Clean and Clear stockist. Has anyone tried it yet – and if so, what do you think? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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17 Replies to "Clean and Clear Morning Energy: Budget Cleansing for Teenagers & Young Skin"

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    I’m liking the look of these, does 34 count as ‘young’? :lol:

  • Kirstie says:

    Thalia – yes *firmly*

  • Chris says:

    Ooh, Clean & Clear brings back memories! I used to use C&C products as a teenager, and I remember them being quite effective.

  • Becky says:

    I at 16 am within the target age range for these products, I have only tried one and thats the brightening scrub. Its gentle enough to use daily, doesn’t leave your skin with a soapy residue, really cleanses and I have noticed a brightening effect, even the minimal acne I had has subsided! Which I think is greatly due to this product. Interested to try the brightening moisturiser next! :)

  • Kirstie says:

    Great feedback Becky – cheers!

  • happycurls says:

    Becky…..God, I really hope this doesn’t come across as patronising, but I just wanted to say that you you write very well and are really articulate at 16! Beauty blogger of the future methinks! :)

  • Becky says:

    Thanks Kirstie and Happycurls :) Oh not at all patronising, I am delighted with your comment. Thanks again.

  • Pinkrose says:

    I’m a bit of a cynic to this stuff in my experience it works ok, but if u stop for a couple of days or change brand you then break out crazy style :( :( hope this is only me and others have more success!!

  • Gilksos says:

    Umm i have been using the shine control moisturiser and have found it to be a great basic moisturiser the doesn’t leave an oily feeling on the skin. Its sinks in fast so i can lash the make up on quickly enough after hence giving me that extra 5 mins in the leaba. I just got the brightening moisturiser yesterday and so far so good.

    I’m eh … ahem…. not in my 20′s…. Does this mean i have to pretend i’m buying it for someone else?…

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