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Catrice Out of Space Collection for August/September 2011: Pictures & Swatches

By | July 19 2011 | 38 Comments


LOVING the look of the next limited edition collection from Catrice. Out of Space* lands on stands from August and will stick about until September. The products look pretty decent but you totally know what it was that captured my attention, don’t you?

Uhuh. HAIR EARS! The model shots are hair-ear heavy, and for this I offer up thanks and praise to the gods of all things Danish pastry and synthetic plait.

hair ears

I love me a bit of a hair ear. Here’s the undisputed queen of ‘em above, and in the context of them betwixt and between the caps and clasps of a new beauty collection, I’m happy to an infinity of Pi.

Lets move on and actually look at what’s going to launch to put on our faces, will we?

gel liner

There’ll be three Out of Space Gel Eyeliners for €4.49 a pop. Shades are C01 Empire Behind The Sun, C02 Houston’s Favorite and C03 Silver’s Shuttle. D’you ever get the feeling we, well, lose a little something in the translation from German to English? Hmm?

catrice gel liner

I was sent two to check out, Empire Behind The Sun and Houston’s Favorite. I know these are liners but for some reason I can’t help but think of them as cream shadows. Aren’t they kind of perfect for that? There’s an eyeliner brush to go with them for €2.99, by the way. It’s got an angled tip and it’s the same as the one in the permanent line, just in dickied up spacetastic packaging.


Pigmentation is great as per usual – the gold is pale and will work as a line or as a wash and the navy’s gorgeous. It’s deep, creamy, shimmery and fab. Neither drags or pulls in application – I have a Sonia Kashuk liner in a very similar shade to the blue and it’s as dry as a bone, consequently I never use it. This one though – this one is goooood. And you could use it as a base for a smokey eye, to stick pigment to or on its own as a cream shadow. Pretty decent result for €4.49, eh?


These circular goodies are five Baked Eyedshadow Planets for use wet or dry. Lots of pigment is promised and shades are Available in C01 Supernova Skywalker, C02 Back To Pandora, C03 Next Stop: Neptune!, C04 Saturn-Day Nightfever and C05 Venus vs. Mars. Price? €4.29 each. I have no samples here so can’t let you know what the quality is like but they sure do look pretty, don’t they – and not too Mac Mineralize-unalike either.



There are also two Effect Lipsticks, €4.99, in C01 My Milkyway and C02 Discover Purple Pluto. Sheer and glittery, you can use them solo or over another colour. I can’t lie, I personally think these are vile. They press all my Wrong Buttons.


*Shudder*. The lip equivalent of mammy pearly silvery nail polish, you’d have to hold me down, put staples through my hands to bolt me to the floor if you wanted to put either of these on my mouth. Sorry Catrice, but no. NO.


Phew, these are so very much nicer. Four lovely nail shades will be €2.79 and colours are C01 My Milkyway, C02 Houston’s Favorite, C03 Beam Me Scotty! and C04 Moonlight Express.

*Technically if it’s out of space doesn’t that mean, erm, it’s ON EARTH?

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