Benefit Gifts for Christmas 2011 – What Are You Coveting?

By | September 29 2011 | 23 Comments

benefit I'm GLAM therefore I am palette

Clearly, while Benefit’s Christmas gift sets (on counter in October) are intended for purchase and donation to those you love, if you add a small four letter word before the word gifting, they become rather more interesting.

That word is ‘self’, by the way.

And with everything costing under €45, each is an affordable payday-type treat too. Above we’ve got the latest, greatest palette. It’s I’m Glam Therefore I am, it’s €39.50 and it’s jam-packed with stuff. Stuff like a little tube of Girl Meets Pearl, four shadow shades, a face powder in Glamming, brush, mini Badgal lash and gloss in Life on the A List. Oh and a big mirror in the lid. It’s so cuuuuute.

Benefit Crescent Row Set

Another one to find lots of favour with you lot will be the Crescent Row Set, €43, I reckon. It’s selling for the same price as one regular bottle, except the clincher here is you get to sample four perfumes, making it a good bet for someone who is either hopelessly indecisive, greedy or perfume mad. Or all three. You get four 10ml bottles in the set, by the way, in Laugh with me Lee Lee, My Place or Yours Gina, Garden of Good and Eva and the newbie, Ring my Bella.

Also by the by, a regular bottle contains 30ml, so you’re getting a good deal with this set.

Benefit glossytown

Lastly, there’s the Ticket To GlossyTown set, €29.50. This contains six shades in So Frisk Me, Nudie Tude, Spiked Punch, Life on the  List, Kiss You and Foxy Lady. Cute, and probably an essential for a gloss lover this Christmas.

Like anything?

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23 Replies to "Benefit Gifts for Christmas 2011 – What Are You Coveting?"

  • Daisydaisy says:

    Loving I’m Glam therefore I am!! and the perfume set…I will definitely be ‘self-gifting’ this year!!!! :)

  • littlesis says:

    The only thing that really catches my eye are the glosses..but I already have about 4,674 glosses so there’ll be no need for more.

  • Aifs says:

    Miss Predictable over here! :) Love that first palette. The eye shadow colours are lovely and I do love Girl Meets Pearl. I think a friend or two who might get that for Christmas. Not mad on the lip gloss or the perfume sets. I’m a Maybe Baby lady.

  • Grá says:

    I’m Glam Therefore I Am is definitely going to be a present from me to me! My birthday is in November so perfecto!

  • The only one that’s caught my eye at all is the I’m Glam Therefore I Am palette, the shadows look lovely.

  • BerG says:

    Love the first one, has a great selection of my favourites.

  • Catherine says:

    €39.50 for I’m Glam and it’s $36 (€26) in the States. Am cooing and weeping all at once here.

  • Grá says:

    Oh Catherine is there that much of a difference, you know what but a friend of mine is moving the America and asked if I wanted anything sent over….I think I might just get this sent over if there is that much of a difference….would the postage cost much though?

  • hopeandpray says:

    Any idea when/if powda wowza is going to be released in Ireland?
    Catherine I always wince when I see what we are being charged compared to america.

  • ArtDonatella says:

    Like the look of the palette but other than that, nothing else appeals to me :( !

  • Catherine says:

    Gra, I doubt it’d be more than a couple of dollars! Less than €13 anyway, I’ll warrant. I made the stupidest mistake ever in the US two weeks ago and only bought one Benefit thing in Sephora thinking I’d get more in the airport duty free… which then proceeded to be tiny and absolutely shit. Not a Posietint in sight. Argh!

  • boredmum says:

    Will definately be getting I’m glam therefore i am set, its fab

  • Liz says:

    Gra – I don’t remember how much exactly it was, but last time I was in a US post office they had a little leaflet about parcels and international shipping was, I believe, somewhere in the 5-10$ range (and I believe 30$ for reasonably fast, ensured UPS). It may not be worth it for a single item (it’ll likely take a two-three weeks to arrive which is always annoying, and you may have to pay customs if you’re unlucky!), but if you decide to purchase a bunch of items it’ll be more then worth it for sure! Being engaged to someone in San Francisco and visiting several times a year I barely buy anything in Europe anymore (unless it’s an absolute necessity, an exclusive or I’m getting a great discount) but the most noticeable price differences seem to be in drugstore brands, Benefit and Clinique.

    About the products, I don’t know… As cute as benefit palettes look I find the packaging bulky and ineffective. I’d just depot the potted products and stick them in my uni palette and treat the bottled/tubed ones as travel/sample sizes. And let’s be honest – once the pretty exterior is gone the palettes aren’t half as cute!
    I may look into the perfumes though! I’ve never sniffed any benefit fragrances and am a bit picky about the perfumes I own, but it seems to be a decent deal, so I’ll give it a sniff and decide from there on.
    As for the lipglosses… I’m an avid lipgloss hater. If I want glossy lips I’ll go for a glossy lipstick, to me lipglosses are an unhygienic, sticky mess: I’m more then well accommodated with the 5 I own!

  • Cloyneac says:

    The glam therfore i am and the lipglosses look amazing…….. me want now!!!!

  • Banjaxed says:

    Nah, I’m not a Benefit fan at all – everything I’ve ever tried from them has been crap – so I’ll pass on the makeup! I might take a sniff of the perfumes though. I’m very picky about scent as most perfumes give me a headache, but will definately try some of the scents in the shop and see how they wear for the day.

  • Alex Donald says:

    A mate is a gloss addict so that’s her pressie sorted! Thanks Beaut Ladies!

  • Mazerooni says:

    Love the perfume and gloss sets, definitely gonna buy in New York!!

  • gossipgal says:

    Got the Crescent Row Set last year and for some reason never used it. Will do tomorrow

  • Brid says:

    The glam palette looks utterly amazing. Not a chance am I going to be able to wait until Christmas for that. Treat day next pay day methinks :-P

  • Naomi says:

    I don’t like the new style of Benefit. I think the retro stuff was better this just looks tacky and cheap imo.

    I know packaging isn’t the most important bit but it’s probably the main reason why Benefit is so popular anyway. There’s loads of brands with good products but their stuff looks so fun and cute, not liking the Barbie-esque style of late though :\

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