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monday blather


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  • dana lloyd says:

    Just want to say thanks for the recommendation of MAC Face abd Body last Friday. I was frantically looking for a light sheer foundation having bought five I really disliked. I am so happy to say I bought the MAC and love it. Thanks so much. This blather rocks. I hope the book launch went well for you all Saturday. thanks again.

  • RiRi says:

    Morning all, had a great time at the book launching Saturday. Aisling looked very pretty in her beautiful dress.
    It was nice to meet the beaut.ies as well.
    It was nice to meet Gilksos, Annie and Baglady thanks a lot for coming over to say Hi.
    I was too shy to go up and say Hi to some of the bloggers.
    Have a good day all.

  • Cazzy says:

    Morning everyone. Congrats to Kirstie and Aisling on the new book, dying to get my hands on a copy! The launch looked like fun, I’m raging I couldn’t go, was travelling back from a work trip. (stoopid work getting in the way of my fun!)

    One of my ears didn’t pop on the plane and still hasn’t popped now 36hrs later. Anyone got any suggestions or should I be going to the doctor?

  • Grá says:

    Mawning all! Congrats on the book launch ladies and glad to hear that it went well. I’m all excited today, like a child on a sugar rush, I’m wrecked tired but I hope the adrenaline gets me by until 7 this evening :) Any good news from the weekend?

  • dublinista says:

    Aisling – loving the book and it was lovely to see you on Saturday. Lovely to meet outher beaut.ies as well and isn’t Karen Koster lovely?
    Had to go home afterwards to a sick little boy who had bounced back completely by Sunday!

  • Acat says:

    Morning girls! Popped into the book launch on Sat but was very late cause himself insisted I wait for him. Think I bought the last book before the girls left BT. Missed out on the goodie bag but figured I would!
    Didn’t chat to anyone, was too shy. Also boyf was hovering and foot tapping cause we were going for food. Would have loved to have met you all, you looked like you were having great chats. Will make it to next meet-up def!
    Good news – two of my friends had babies recently and I have not seen two mammies as happy in a long time! Very cute.
    Also got a lovely coat in tk maxx at the weekend, delighted

  • kittyKat says:

    Morning. So warm today.
    Couldn’t sleep last night at all with the heat and it was too breezy to leave the window open. Had watched the utube clip of the Human Centipede and the image of them all sewn together kept flashing before me all night. That’ll teach me !
    Started my gorgeous to go last night and love it.

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Morning all.

    Congratulations on the book launch, fantastic achievement and looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! :)

    Everyone looked fab in the pics. Girl with the Lego type necklace, LOVE your hair!

  • cece says:

    morning all, sooooooo hungover. no headache just sick stomach which is worse. so much to do at work today dont know how i will get through the day. drinking sparkling water and have a banana in the bag. i really would love to be at home under the duvet.

    hope everyone had a good weekend. got a present of safety chain for my panadora yeaterday its lovely.

  • Morning all! It’s roasting in my office today, making me very snoozy. Congratulations again Aisling, the day was a great success for you and I’m delighted for you, hopefully you’ll get time to relax a bit now!

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Morning all. Been sick a bit lately, 2 sinus inftections in less than 2 months. So many people I know swear by garlic tablets to keep them healthy. I’ve tried them before but found I got a taste in my mouth after a few days, even though they were supposed to be odour-free. Or else they repeated. I’ve started some cheapie Tesco ones and so far so good. Can’t handle being sick again. Any of your girls find them good?

    Also, almost out of L’Onglex nail varnish remover and can’t find it anywhere. Anyone noticed it in the city centre or D7 area?

  • xgirl says:

    Morning all. Saturday was great – lovely to see so many people and was great to meet a few familiar names :) Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you Aisling, but you looked great, as did Kirstie. Was lovely to meet the Mammy and Daddy too!

    Spent yesterday sick in bed with a stomach bug and feeling very sorry for myself. Hopefully it seems to be improving, going to attempt some toast now.

  • warpaint says:

    morn all !! ^^

  • Morning!

    Can’t seem to give my hump a shake, both Gorgebags are off today so I left them snoring and headed out into the wind & rain. Killer.

    Will have to head back over at lunch & drag them from the beds by the ankles :)

    Such a blast on Saturday, Girls, so glad I got to see so many of you.

    Heading to The Help premiere this evening. Hope they’ve done a good job with it.

  • BerG says:

    Morning, mental busy here today. Just as well as i could fall asleep just looking out the window.

    Kitty in the City: I must try the garlic tablets to help with sinus trouble. Have a mild infection at the moment and its not shifting.
    I got some Pharmaton last week and am feeling so much better, they are a great all rounder, and have really helped with the tiredness.

    Xgirl: Was lovely to meet you on Saturday, hope you are feeling better. Those bugs really take it out of you.

    KittyKat: Started the book and am liking it so far.

    Have my bookclub meet up tonight, so am looking forward to a good natter.

  • positively bucketing in Louth today.

    But I have nothing to do other than clean house and get the kids, so its not too bad :)

    Hope you have a great day Ladies!

  • Cheap&Cheerful says:

    Hi All! Just moved to Dublin to start a new job and i’ve started walking to work instead of driving and to remove the temptation the car hasn’t moved with me! (OH the missed comfort!) its less than ten min walk but this morning it was so so wet my feet and pants are absolutely soaking!!! I don’t think i can bear this wet freezing feet for the day! does anyone please have a bright spark idea how the hell to keep feet dry short of wearing wellies (which i am seriously debating!!!) any ideas GREATLY appreciated!

  • praxis says:

    Crazzy – that happened to my little girl after our holidays, and our doctor recommended an over the counter decongestant, called something like Sudophren, the chemist should be able to help.

  • Acat says:

    cheap and cheerful. Get wellies! have a small pair of pumps in your bag for when you get to work, or leave a pair in work and you will be fine. Tuck your trousers into the wellies.
    Its only a ten min walk, no-one would care. I saw a few girls in city center at weekend wearing wellies and thought it was a great idea! You can get plain black ones that look like normal boots.
    Sinus suffers – what works for me is a sinus rinse. Its a saline rinse thing you use. Totally gross but get used to it v easily. Do it every day and it really made a difference for me with my sinus. Its a physical way of keeping sinus clear, would still rec using vitamins to help your body fight off infection as well.

  • rednailz says:

    Cheap&cheerful – this is my life too alot of the time. I bring my work clothes with me in a backpack and change in the office loo. Not glamorous but dry and warm at least.
    Lookin forward to gettin my paws on the new book now ..

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