5 Hands Diet: a source close to Victoria Beckham reveals exclusive insider information

By Aisling | August 18 2011 | 53 Comments

It sounds like a particularly awful  type of Thai massage doesn’t it?  You know, one of those excruciating experiences where two people massage you at once and all of a sudden you feel a creepy fifth hand upon a personal part of your anatomy.

No?  Maybe that’s just me then.

This was all over the gossip sites yesterday as “a source close to” Posh Spice had revealed that she was keen to lose her baby weight fast, so was resorting to this fairly severe diet.  First things first.  Let’s examine this statement.

1. Who is this “close source”?  He or she seems to pop up in EVERY single situation concerning Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Aniston.  Could it be that this is a made up entity and that the gossip magazine has simply made up the story?  Surely not.

2. Victoria Beckham didn’t HAVE any baby weight to lose.  And you don’t have to be an “insider” to know that.

Anyway now that we’ve dissected the invalidity of this story lets find out more about the diet.  Essentially it’s a No Carbs Before Marbs type job coupled with extreme portion control.  Lean protein, in portions no bigger than a palm sized amount, will starve you thin in no time at all that’s for sure.

From Grazia: The regime consists of having just five handfuls of food a day, and a source told the publication she has been snacking on tiny portions of smoked salmon, prawns with chilli, yellow-fin tuna sushi and scrambled eggs.

“Victoria wants to be in the best shape she can in time for New York Fashion Week,” the insider claimed.

“Five days after giving birth, she started eating five high-protein meals a day accompanied by green vegetables, drinking gallons of water, and only snacking on goji berries and nuts.”

Poor Posh.  Sounds miserable doesn’t it?  Think you’d be able to do it?

image via Vanity Fair

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53 Replies to "5 Hands Diet: a source close to Victoria Beckham reveals exclusive insider information"

  • TheMakeupGal says:

    I think its’ kinda sad and a bit pathetic the pressure she’s putting on herself to be ‘accepted’ by fashion week.

  • Kirstie says:

    with friends like that wha?

  • SLH says:

    i’d love to spend my day snacking on fistfuls of prawns and smoked salmon. Unfortunately I live in the real world, with bills to pay and jobs to do. I also enjoy eating normal portions of food (I’m here staring at my palms thinking “that. five times a day… whatthebejinkers…”).

    It’s not healthy Posh. Eat something. You just pushed a human being out of your vajajay (via a c-section). Give yourself a break.

  • Fifibelle says:

    Not a hope, I’m ‘trying’ to lose weight at the moment, but I like my food too much. I have cut down on the amount of carbs I eat after 6, most evenings I don’t have any now,and that has made a difference to how I feel and how I sleep, but that diet sounds MISERABLE! She’s just had a baby, is there no time for her to just bask in the glow of being a new mammy, especially now that she has her little girl (who is adorbs IMO)

  • kittyKat says:

    SLH very well said.
    I like Posh but jaysis what kind of example is she setting ? New mums are under such pressure as it is without having to worry constantly about baby weight. Life aint a competition. I would hate to be caught up in that world of hers.

  • Daisydaisy says:

    Well she looks like her stomach is about the size of a pea so maybe thats all she can handle!!!

  • xgirl says:

    Maybe I should call Grazia and tell them about the Hot Cross Bun diet I did after having the baby. She was born during Lent and being completely knackered, buttering a hot cross bun was about all I could manage during the day :) I don’t know how many packs of them I went through!

  • Girlwiththeskew-earring says:

    I <3 carbs too much to ever, ever give them up. I loved the fact that when we would come to Ireland on holidays, nobody looked at me funny when I ordered mash, chips and croquets. On the same plate. I LOVE IT!

    I am trying hard to limit how much junk I eat, as I am trying to set a good example for my kids. But I still love my veg. Especially if its got a "wee bid 'o budder" on it :)

  • Lisa says:

    xgirl, I had a similar special postnatal diet involving M&S Fruity Flapjacks…

    (and actually lost weight on it, weirdly enough – baby who was a)very hungry and b)loved being walked around the place in his pram)

  • Kirstie says:

    ha ha there’s a post in this:

    what sensible Irish women did to loose the post-pregnancy pounds: ate lard, flapjacks, tayto, hotcross buns and tay.

  • Chris says:

    I think she’s being too hard on herself. She just had a baby, for pete’s sake. And it’s not like she was ever heavy in the first place.

    I work with models who eat like horses. I just worked with one model who has three young sons. She told me that she loves being pregnant (because she gets a lot of maternity work) and it’s never a mad rush for her to lose the baby weight.

    Sometimes I think Victoria lives in her own world where she thinks she has to be very skinny at all times.

  • kittyKat says:

    The hot cross bun diet – love it, hee hee :-)
    I would do the M & S salt n vinegar twists diet.

  • Kirstie says:

    diets I could easily do:

    – tube of pringles diet
    – massive bag of doritos diet
    – block of cheese and crackers diet
    – block of cheese and bag of peanuts diet
    – lard, crisps and sausages diet

    mix of any of the above

  • Aisling says:

    Kirstie – that’s your normal diet though isn’t it?

  • Aifs says:

    Kirstie – fab diet ideas there! I would have to skip the cheese….but I would just sustitute it for a gallon of diet coke and another bag of Taytos. Hmmmm carbs.

  • ShuGal says:

    Cheese & Red wine diet, mmmmmm, maybe I should move to France?? Or Bombay mix, just a handful, & another one, oh and a one more, ah sure might as well finish the bag off…..

  • jill says:

    um, now correct if i’m wrong dear insider source, but i read somewhere else that david said they can’t go out for dinner on their own cos she’s nursing. and she’d said she intended to try it for the first time on this babby, so she may well be.

    if she is actually breastfeeding she would fall down in a faint by 10am after 5 handfuls of food. breastfeeding makes you starving like you wouldn’t believe (and also burns lots of calories.)

    i found that and scones and tay to be an excellent post baby diet.

  • atkin says:

    I don’t buy Grazia anymore because it has turned into Heat with better quality paper. I really don’t think it’s fair of magazines to print stories like this. She said herself that she is breastfeeding so there is no way she could produce milk on that diet. The only reason stories like this are being fabricated is because Posh herself hasn’t set foot outside since Harper was born so there is no other story. If she had, she would be vilified for leaving the baby at home. She can’t win.

  • MilkyMoo says:

    One of the two is a lie – she’s not breastfeeding AND doing this diet. No way.

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