Tan Organic get the marketing wrong: cheaper and more orange than a Lidl Jaffa Cake

By Aisling | September 13 2010 | 44 Comments

Standing in front of what looks like (and probably is) a bright orange Powerpoint presentation a business type man looks lovingly at a little brown bottle in his hand. Holding it tenderly he turns to the camera and tells us how wonderful is the tanning magic contained within.

It’s awkward and unconvincing and one may wonder why on earth is he telling us this. Yes he’s a Dragons Den person and obviously that gives him a modicum of celebrity – but that is missing the point. Gavin Duffy may have invested in the tan, but that doesn’t mean he’s the right person to advertise it.

Bill Cullen he ain’t. Ad savvy Bill would have had Jackie advertising the tan along with a coterie of lovely organically tanned fillies displaying golden limbs. In other words they would have been advertising to the target market.

This is a tan that’s been getting pretty decent reviews and as an Irish brand we’re very keen to see it do well. As part of our Tan Trials ’10 we’ve reviewed the pro spray salon version (big thumbs up) and the home version (more shaky). We’ve also got a lot of comments about the bottle of all things on this post – read it here. But as Beaut.ie Dad would say: an advertising campaign like this one is likely to tear the arse out of the brands progress. It’s just the wrong fit.

It screams cheap. And it screams orange. Surely the very last things Tan Organic could want to convey.

This honestly reminded me of those ads that used to appear on RTE many many years ago. You know – the ones that were just basically a card held up in front of the camera with a voiceover behind them. They were usually advertising something like Triple A Golden Maverick.

In the words of Twitter hashtags this is a big #tanorganicFAIL. And it’s a shame.

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44 Replies to "Tan Organic get the marketing wrong: cheaper and more orange than a Lidl Jaffa Cake"

  • magpie says:

    i had those very thoughts when i saw that add, how crap was that
    OMG like that man was gonna make you wanna try the tan out
    the only thing that might, and thats a faint might convince me is that its organic !!
    Worst Add ever

  • BerG says:

    This add is Woejis, as a friend of mine says. Looking at the picture above it appears like he’s peddling a potion for baldness. Has to be up there in the top ten of worst adverts ever.
    Makes me feel embarassed on his behalf.

  • Rosamaria says:

    Aphrodite – Triple A Golden Maverick, he he!

    Seriously, for someone who should know his advertising, did he LOOK at the finished ad? And decide “Good stuff, that’ll sell millions?”

  • Letizia says:

    My thoughts exactly. Who is it aimed at? Shouldn’t a tan ad be aimed at women the same way the shaving/waxing ads are? Where’s the skinny model? Ok I might not believe I’m going to look like her when I’m tanned but at least I’m going to say who are they kidding when I bring it up in work. At the moment I’m not talking about the dragons den man in the ad so its not effective. Isn’t the initial point of advertising to get people talking.

  • dublinista says:

    That’s just sooo bad! The gentle music and the image of the setting sun looks like the start of a promo for a nursing home.

  • LuLuBabe says:

    I can’t bear Gavin Duffy. He was worse in the Tubridy radio slot towards the end of the summer than he is on Dragon’s Den – and I most certainly don’t want to /look/ like him.

  • Avybabe says:

    This ad has obviously worked as it has appeared on Beaut.ie and we’ve all commented on it so in one sense well done! But i will never use that product,the thoughts of Gavin Duffy selling me fake tan gives me the wet willies!!

  • Lauraloo says:

    Target market comes to mind when i see this! It reminds me of that episode of ‘Friends’ where Joey is on the ad for lipstick for men :D

  • cornflakegirl says:

    Lauraloo-hehe, I’d forgotten that episode.

    Is it possible that this ad is so terrible on purpose? Maybe Gavin Duffy thinks it’ll get people talking and boost sales, not sure it’ll work tho. Most of the people talking about it don’t want to buy it cos of the ad. If it’s not deliberatley (sp?) bad then they should know better.

  • What’s next, Ben Dunne advertising gyms?

  • Niamh says:

    You may be right cornflake girl, I reckon he is trying to pull a Ben Dunne here. Except radio and tv are two very different things. And Ben has that niche of ‘so bad it’s almost good’ covered I reckon!!

  • beth kay says:

    I’ll stick to my organic one which is a lavera self tanning cream – smells heavenly and looks fab ! worth a try – forget gimmicks – use one that works ! beautygu

  • misschievous says:

    I completely lost respect for him doing this ad. he may have a bit of money invested in it, but sure thats like getting richard branson to do a virgin vie make up ad. Silly move.

  • mademoiselle says:

    Frickin’ hilarious! It reminds me of one of the comedian Peter Serafinowicz’ characters, the Butterfield Diet Plan. Worth looking up on Youtube. I think Gavin Duffy is a total pillock, heard him on the radio during the summer, nauseating.

  • Smartie says:

    I laughed when i seen this and read all the comments Its brutal, one word :WHY……!?

  • Emz says:

    Words fail me on this!

  • Orla says:

    Dear oh dear.
    I don’t use fake tans, and after seeing that I will never try that brand.

  • Beaut lover says:

    Totally agree…..soooooo random!

  • dashing says:

    That’s shocking…next he’ll be in the ad for Always sanitary towels :D

  • dashing says:

    Next he’ll be in the ad for Always sanitary towels…ugh

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