Sweaty Bettys rejoice: Garnier Natural Minerals Ultra Dry Deodorant is super strong and super effective

By Aisling | August 30 2010 | 29 Comments

“What’s the best anti perspirant?” asked a friend, knowing that we’re obsessed with deodorant on Beaut.ie. “My normal ones just don’t seem to be working that well anymore and I wind up feeling sticky half way through the day.

“Did you try Mitchum?” I asked. “The girls on the site rave about it.”

“Yeah I did” she said. “I don’t find it much good to be honest.”

Driclor?” I tried. “Ugh she said. No way – that stuff is terrible to put on.” And I had to agree.

“What about man deodorants?” I said. “They’re stronger than girlie ones.”

“Don’t like the smell” she said “The search must continue.”

A couple of days later she told me “I’ve found THE one!” New Garnier Natural Minerals Ultra (from €2.95 for the roll-on) apparently not only smelled nice but worked really well, keeping pits dry and fresh from morning shower until bed time.

Of course I had to instantly hurry out and pick up a can for myself to test this claim and I’m in full agreement. There’s lots of different types of deodorants in this range – anti white marks; sensitive skin; post epilation and so on. But the one we are loving is the Ultra Dry.

Deadly buzz. Have you tried it yet?

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29 Replies to "Sweaty Bettys rejoice: Garnier Natural Minerals Ultra Dry Deodorant is super strong and super effective"

  • Polly says:

    Must check & see if there’s a solid anti-perspirant in this range. Roll-ons take ages to dry and spray cans are never much good & don’t last long…

  • Kirstie says:

    yeah must say I like this too, am going between it and mitchum a lot recently, it’s good. Not sure about the 48 hr thing though. Eh, wha? I have a shower every day and that…

  • Angel says:

    I tried this and didnt think it was great but HATED the smell. I use Dove Go Fresh and swear by it.

  • Aifs says:

    I bought this for holidays. The smell is not fantastic and I wasn’t blown away by the performance but I don’t think I was ever NOT going to sweat in the humidity in New York! :lol: Gross! I will give it a fair go once I find what makeup bag I packed it in….I do think it might be better than my Mitchum which I have on at the moment.

    Kirstie – 48 hr thing worries me too! I was showering twice or three times a day on holidays so it definitely didn’t last me that long.

  • Zie says:

    Haven’t tried this one. I’m always unsure if “Mineral”, or “Natural” deodorants are going to be as effective.

    I’ve been liking Right Guard’s no white marks. The boyfriend used it recently on a weekend away, when he forgot his own and thought it was the business!

  • Emz says:

    Oh, I must give this a try as I always use Mitchum but it can be a bugger for white marks if not sufficiently dry.

  • Brass Neck says:

    I didn’t think this was much good at all, and the packaging on the roll-on was problematically fragile, the lid cracked badly even though I didn’t do anything other than leave it on my dresser. I went straight back to my usual deoderant.

  • Kirstie says:

    Oh, that doesn’t sound good. I haven’t used the roll-on as I prefer sprays but it’s quite transportable and has a lock, which is nifty.

  • ClaireBear says:

    Polly, you must be my deodorant twin!! I have the exact same opinion about roll-ons and sprays. I use Dove solid stick and I like it. Really like the Mitchum solids too, but I find that they break way before they’re finished, which is really annoying, as they’re expensive.

    I usually have a back-up Dove spray in the desk at work for the warmer days, as I really am a sweaty Betty. I also tend to shower at night and not in the mornings, maybe that’s my downfall….

  • Pixie says:

    Mitchum lovers…its half price in boots at the minute. stock up! i think the check out girl thought i was insane with my 4 things of solid stick yesterday! morto!

  • Shauna says:

    I came across this in a local Londis a few weeks ago – the spray was on offer for only €1.30 so I’ve been using it ever since and I really like it, I must say.

    I quite like the smell and I don’t need to be be worring about my arm peeets anymore, as it’s about 150% more reliable than Mitchum.

    Also think the lock thing on the spray is fabulous!

  • katie says:

    i have to say i love this deo!! i have the anti white mark spray and i love it, love the smell too, very fresh! def prefer it to mitchem as i find that overpowering and kind of suffocating. i would def recommend this!

  • Polly says:

    ClaireBear, OMG I use Dove and Mitchum solid with Dove spray on stand-by too!! you really are my deodorant twin!!! :)

  • ams says:

    I’ve been using this recently and its grand. Using dove solid at the min as well. I was using the dove fresh stuff but I found that if you sweated a tiny bit it did not mix well with the smell of the deo and I got super paranoid I was stinking the whole place out.

    I dunno if this is just me or what? I know what Im smelling is the deodorant but I get reall paraniod that Im stinking of BO!

  • Zie says:

    Oh ams, I’m the very same! I was the same with the Dove Fresh too!

    Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Alethea says:

    Usually I rely on Mitchum but lately it hasn’t been working at all. I picked up the Garnier mineral roll on at the weekend, as it was on special offer. It set me back 1.17 ladies!!!! I have only been using it a few days but its great-it smells lovely, has no parbens and no sweaty pits :-) I’m going to go back and stockpile some more ;-)

  • Alethea says:

    Forgot to mention that the offer was on in Tesco-just in case you want to try it out and don’t want to pay full price :-)

  • ams says:

    Thank you Zie!

  • Fee says:

    I’ve been using Sure Maximum Protection for a while and think it’s pretty good. It’s a cream, designed to be used at night like Driclor but smells pleasant and doesn’t cause unmerciful itching like Driclor does. I wouldn’t say it’s quite as effective, which is probably why it doesn’t have the unpleasant side-effects! but you can also use it in the usual way in the mornings as well or use a normal deodorant for day in conjunction with it. Because it’s a cream it doesn’t leave a residue as long as it’s rubbed in well so not too bad for white marks either.

  • Baglady says:

    I used the Lancome roll on for years until to my disappointment it was discontinued last year. I’ve tried most things on the market since including this and Mitchum, neither of which worked very well. The only one that comes close to the Lancome is the Vichy 48hr roll on. It smells nice too.

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