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Style crush: Mad Men

By Aisling | March 9 2010 | 27 Comments

It’s not only Don Draper who has our hearts all aflutter (well it is mostly Don Draper to be honest)

It’s the gorgeous ladies and the gorgeous dresses and shoes and makeup and hair. I would kill to have Betty’s wardrobe and Joanie’s sassiness. And most of all CURVES.

Yes these are honest to god real women and they look absolutely divine. I have a bit of a thing for vintage jewelery and every time I watch this I am transported with joy. The little rhinestone chokers with the pearls and the big cocktail rings… mmm.

Everything on the set is authentic – from the wallpaper in the Drapers kitchen and the scotch that is drunk so liberally at every opportunity to the copious amounts of unfiltered cigarettes and the real Jessica Rabbit curves of the laydees. They’re not allowed to tone up – because women at that time wouldn’t have. Jesus this is sounding better and better. Yes on the downside the hangovers must have been vicious plus obviously there is dreadful inequality. Forget the glass ceiling – there’s a concrete one.

But the question we want to ask today is: who is your Mad Men Crush?

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