Student Style: Budget Buys That Perform for Lemonade Money

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It’s no state secret that I am a Very Big Fan Indeed of goods at the more affordable end of the cosmetics spectrum. Although I have had to suffer in my quest for makeup that is both cheap and actually good, I am now fairly confident in my stash of Essence, Catrice and the like. However, never let it be said that I am slapdash in my approach to slap. I recently conducted a highly scientific * experiment, pitting economical against expensive, to see which would triumph.

Night one, and my face was bedecked in budget beauty.

After years of facial failure, I have found my one and only in Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, in Porcelain. Now, although this may come from the ground, it ain’t entirely dirt cheap. My recessionista tip is to bag a trial size for £1.25 first, which will last a few weeks when used sparingly.

For blush, I used Essence Mineral Powder Blush 2in1. On curled lashes (curler: €2 from Dunnes Stores) I applied several coats of Miss Sporty XX Long Mascara. For liner, I actually used a dark brown eyebrow pencil from Penney’s finest, Opia; with a brush on the lid, I was also able to tame my brows with it. I got this for 50c in a sale, but their €4 brow kit (of which more to follow) does an even better job. Catrice Rouge Satin lippie in glossy Spanish Red, €3.79, completed the look.

When I’m in the money, I lean towards Benefit. With You Rebel Light tinted moisturiser as a base, I dusted my cheeks with Dandelion blush. Brows A-Go-Go prettified my peepers, with Exceptionnel De Chanel mascara ensuring my lashes were luscious. Add a slick of MAC Girl About Town, a superbly pink lipstick, et voilà!

And the winners? Defo Lily Lolo for foundation with staying power, but honestly, everything else was too close to call; although I couldn’t live without my Brows A-Go-Go, a 50c pencil is hard to beat. Happy shopping!

*scientific/anecdotal: potato/potahto

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21 Replies to "Student Style: Budget Buys That Perform for Lemonade Money"

  • sexyspecs says:

    Kirstie, what brush do you use to apply the Lily Lolo foundation?

  • Perfect Brunette says:

    Hello Kirstie!

    can You write please where You got that Lily Lolo foundation please,online or it is possible to buy somwhere in Dublin?

    Thank You

  • Sparkle101 says:

    Perfect Brunette – if you click on the link to Lily Lolo in the post (it should be in pink) it gives the details on where to purchase.

    I’m guessing this was written by Orlando – how does the Catrice lipstick compare to the Mac?

  • daiseeboo says:

    Where can I get Catrice products? Have heard lots about it here on but have never seen it anywhere.

  • Sparkle101 says:

    dasieeboo – Dunnes stock Catrice, the Stephen’s green branch definitely has a stand.

  • Orlando says:

    Hey girls! Lol Sparkle, you guessed right, all the posts are obv put up via Kirstie so her name happens to be on this one :)

    SexySpecs – I use a Kabuki brush, there are loadsa different ones around the place and tbh I can’t actually remember where mine is from…I do know the Body Shop Nature’s Minerals Foundation brush is quite good though.

    Daisieboo – they have Catrice in loads of Dunnes Stores branches, I’ve seen it in shops like The Moderne in Cork too but that’s not really a chain, just a stand alone shop…some bigger pharmacies have it too :)

    Perfect Brunette – yup, as Sparkle says, you can buy from the link – that’s where the £1.25 samples are available :)

    Cheers for the comments, girls!

  • Orlando says:

    Also, Sparkle – I could’ve written way longer about any one of those things, but the Catrice and MAC lipsticks are actually two of my fave beauty finds atm. The MAC is far more matt, and I’d defo only wear it at night time. It doesn’t dry out your lips if they’re well prepped in lip balm before I find – as in, if you top up your lipbalm all day and your lips are nice and smooth before you apply the lippie. The Catrice has a glossy shien to it that the MAC doesn’t have, so that if you’re bold enough it’s a colour I would wear in the daytime. It’s really moisturising, I abso adore it! Cheap as anything too – the only thing is that the scent is a little cherry-ish, which I don’t like, but that’s just a personal preference. The MAC smells exactly like those Cadbury Mini Eggs though, it is almost edible!

    I know the MAC is pink and the Catrice Red, but I’m still working on my quest to find a budget pink lipstick that packs enough pigment to be as impressive as the Catrice red, so apologies if that bothers anyone!

  • Kirstie says:

    sorry ladies, this is an Orlando post, I forgot to change the author! Fixed now – apologies Orlando!

  • Perfect Brunette says:

    thank You very much Sparkle101=)it was tricky to find it but i did
    Thank You!

  • BerG says:

    Will definately be trying out the Catrice lippie so. Sounds like a great product for the price. Love a bargain me, makes my day.

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