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Snow White: How to Get that Nicola Roberts & Anne Hathaway Look

By | February 22 2010 | 35 Comments

I had a reader query last week from a gal who’s embracing the pale, but who still wants skin to look smooth and even. True, just because you’re not faking it with self-tanner doesn’t mean your pasty legs, chest and arms will suddenly transform themselves into a vision of alabaster beauty. In fact, they’ll probably look pasty, blotchy and veiny. And pale. Lovely altogether.

One of the poster girls for keeping it natural is Anne Hathaway. On the cover of this month’s GQ she’s practically falling out of her corset but for me the most noticeable thing was how great her skin looks. Right enough, I’m sure the services of an airbrush were called into play, but her arms and chest look completely even-toned. Likewise, Nicola Roberts, a gal who is exceedingly pale, never has a blotch or a blue vein in sight, and she regularly gets her legs out.

They’re not just genetically blessed, you’ll be glad to hear. They do have some skin-sleeking help in the form of reverse fake tan and it’s most likely a very pale Mac Face and Body foundation shade that’s called into play. A makeup artist must-have, it’s very sheer but long-wearing and a godsend for evening out tone on both face and body. You get a whopping 120ml in each bottle, too.

For those who are really super-duper ghostly skinned (or a vampire, maybe?), you can even get a pure white Face and Body option at Mac Pro stores. Our nearest Pro store is London, so Irish gals in search of porcelain limbs should just check out the palest shades they can get their paws on here, C1 and N1.

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