Pickles Ointment: The Verdict

By Lynnie | June 22 2010 | 36 Comments

Pickles was a disappointment

Having hunted down what seemed to be one of the last green and yellow tins of Pickles Ointment in the country, I was really looking forward to telling you all about my extraordinary experiences with it. I reckoned after my four day stint of using the stuff, I’d have silky smooth feet with nary a bit of hard skin in sight.

Somehow, it hasn’t quite panned out like that. There was no casting of the outer layers of hard skin for me (yes, I was very disappointed). Actually, there was so much of it left that I had to take a Ped Egg to it to notice any difference, and I’m planning to book in for a medi pedi next week.

I’m kind of hoping the tin I got was a dud, or that – despite the fact that the instructions are dead simple – I just didn’t use it properly. Because it’s a bit scary to think that my feet are so trotter-ised that a 50% salicylic acid treatment for callouses and corns can’t sort them out!

Have you been using Pickles Ointment? How did you get on?

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36 Replies to "Pickles Ointment: The Verdict"

  • White Rabbit says:

    I’ve never used this product…

    It has a funny name – Pickles Ointment?

  • CiaraH says:

    I was expecting small miracles from this tin too and it just hasn’t happened after applying it for four nights :( I wonder should we apply it for another few nights?!!

  • Daisydaisy says:

    I wonder does it only work on severe cases of hard skin etc….maybe your feet weren’t as bad as you thought!!! I’ve been on the look out for this since reading about it last week but maybe now I might just stick to the ped egg and pumice stone!!!

  • daiseeboo says:

    Jesus Lynnie, I wish you would have asked before you used that picture of my foot, I’m morto, would have done me nails :lol:

    Have been using it for two nights now so will report back on Friday if I have good results or not. I’m not sure whether I am using it a bit cautiously because of the warning of damaging good skin if applied to it. I have gone to sleep the last two nights with my feet sticking out of the bed in an attempt to stop the areas I have applied it to coming into contact with the skin on my legs or the top of my feet when I curl up. The things we do for beauty!!!

  • ceci says:

    This product kinda scares me, I think i’ll just stick to regular exfoliating, pumicing and moisturising of my feet I think.

  • ClaireBear says:

    I very nearly bought this – I might hold off until I hear a few more verdicts…

    Daiseeboo – I’m loving the S&G cleanser so far… :)

  • Polly says:

    I went for a Medi Pedi last week but the lady told me I didn’t have much hard skin on my feet and suggested I try another type of pedicure instead.
    Fair play to her as they would have made more money on the Medi Pedi.
    So I’m proud to say I don’t need to try Pickles Ointment! I must be wearing too many comfortable shoes!!

  • sweetie says:

    Daiseeboo, LOL, you could have done with a bit of waxing too :P

    BF is picking a tin for me today, so will have to report after a weekend. Fingers crossed it’ll work for me, my feet are in a wee bit better condition than the ones in the pic! :)

  • Sparkles says:

    Hi Guys,

    Ah disappointment!

    I’m really surprised though – my dad first used it and I can guarantee there’s no way any women have worse feet than him!

    I’ve started using it again since last night so I’ll let you know how I get on – haven’t used it since last year.

    Anyway, you need to use a decent layer of the stuff. I tend to put a layer on before bed, like a face mask and then put a sock over it so that it stays on. I actually only used it for three nights last time. Perhaps you’re not using enough due to the sacylic acid content? I didn’t know what it was last year so applied happily unaware!

    Also, I let the skin come away in its own time. I know it says to bathe your feet but I didnt want to be pulling the skin off before it was ready so after a few days it just peeled away itself.

    If it hasn’t worked the first time and you’ve been using sparingly, try again next week and don’t be afraid to but a layer on. The new skin is perfectly healthy and not damaged in any way – providing you only used it on the hard skin in the first place.

    also – try using a sock afterwards. I didnt want the stuff all over the place so I covered my feet and got into bed. Maybe that’s why it was so effective for me :)

  • Mary says:

    lol-I use this-you can get it in the chemist in the Pavilions in Swords (can I say that?)It’s good for specific foot uglies like welts etc.

    • Chad says:

      Pickles? Brilliant stuff. I last used it about 20 years ago. Then Pickles was easy to find. I remember applying it for four nights but covered the affected area with plaster. The fifth day I removed the plaster, had a bath and a large clump of dead skin fell off. Quite alarming really but very very successful. I am going to purchase another tin,

  • daiseeboo says:

    ClaireBear – glad you are liking the cleanser, I really love it and so does my oily skin :)

    Sweetie – I was hoping no one would pick up on that, I’m booked in for the end of the week :lol:

    Sparkles – thanks for that, will try a more generous layer tonight so and see how it goes.

    Mary – I tried in there on Saturday and a very rude girl hissed at me that she had never heard of it, the other girl didn’t know what it was either. Finally got it in the one beside Eddie Rockets, the last tin and she said they are having trouble ordering it in from the suppliers.

  • laineyg says:

    I also was disappointed, but I’m pretty sure I was too delicate about it and didn’t use enough. It has loosened the hard skin though, I think it would come off easier with a bit of filing, but I’m going to try an extra night or two with the thicker layer and socks as per sparkles post before I write it off

  • Trillian says:

    I went for a medi-pedi last year, and the girl who did it said my feet were absolutely fine and didn’t need it. This despite the fact that I thought they were awful! I’ve since re-evaluated my feet and I’m happier with them now, just using a scholl foot file, or the scholl rough skin remover occasionally.

    I’m saying this because I think we all might over-estimate how bad the dry skin on our feet actually is. Unless you’re a foot model, chances are that some dead, dry skin in places is absolutely normal and your foot’s way of protecting itself. So like Daisydaisy said, if it didn’t work, maybe you didn’t really need it?

    /preaching :-)

  • ChocoMoe says:

    i went for medi pedi at the weekend and i think it’s very effective especially under the balls of the feet and at the side of the big toe. So have been quite happily displaying my feet all week. Has anyone tried any other Danne products? As i had a facial with this and really liked it.

  • MissC says:

    ah :( i got this too – used it last night, first time!
    I didnt know how much to put on. i kinda rubbed it in and it was fairly dry. Must try socks tonight!

  • Miss Mel says:

    ChocoMoe – I have been using the Danne at home care for over a year now. Would be absolutely lost without the facial wash. Suffer really bad from acne due to oily skin and hormones. You would think I would have grown out of that now considering I’m in my mid-twenties :( Anyways, this keeps it clear. But really really clear!!! I have tried everything under the sun and this has been the only thing that has worked for me. Would not recommend though unless you had bad skin or if you have very dry skin. Beauty suite in town stock this product and the staff are really nice!! I used to go there but the trek into town and parking has made it too expensive and time consuming. I can highly recommend them though! I now buy Danne products up north when I’m up there (much much cheaper) or there is a salon in Celbridge that do Danne that I’m very much looking forward to trying. Sure let me know if you want to know more (I’ve found very few people use this range) and it would be nice to see a post about the range on here….not that I’m hinting or anything…hint hint…who said that?! :)

    Lynnie – Many thanks for the update on this product. I can take it off my immediate lust after list so :)…. but may try it at some stage! So disappointed btw but not the first product I have had high hopes for!

  • soreal says:

    i once had a corn at the bottom of my foot when i was 13, i went to the doctor, and what they did is put a generous amount of salisalic powder on my foot, wrap it up using medical cloth, then asked me to keep it a way from water, and return in 4 days.
    when they took it off, the skin had shed it self revealing the corn. in a similar manner to what you ladies expect from pickles.

    what am trying to say is that salisalac acid is effective, but chances are that its concentration in the ointment is not as strong as we all thought it to be.

  • Lynne says:

    I too did the four day test and on day 5 with much excitement took out the foot spa and set about steeping my feet waiting on the miraculous results. Whilst my foot definatley did not ‘cast’!! i did notice it sort of loosened the hard skin to which i then took my foot file too. The skin sort of crumbled and after i filed for a bit my feet felt incredibly smooth. I was delighted with the results and slathered loads of foot cream on that night in my bid to retain my new found soft feet! However, when i woke in the morning my feet had somewhat regained the hardness, now not as bad as it was but it 100% had not got rid of all the hard skin. My thinking on it was that it worked quite well but maybe be prepared to do 2/3 seperate 4 day stints to achieve the ultimate smooth feet. I wouldnt have said my feet were particularly bad but the usual hard skin on the ball and heel of my feet from wearing dreaded pumps!

  • daiseeboo says:

    Am starting to see some results today after 3 consecutive nights of applications. That crumbly (sorry, not being disgusting on purpose) effect that Lynne mentioned above as started on the outer layers of hard skin but there seem to be quite a few more layers to get through. Will see what happens tomorrow.

  • Sparkles says:

    Hi Guys,

    Day two of pickles – tonight will be my third night applying it.

    Reading over the comments I think some of those who have tried it haven’t put enough on. Once the first layer goes on, you’re really just building up a thick enough layer each night so that it can do it’s job and peel away in one go.

    Today I can see that my skin has turned white (the hard layer coming away) and that it will eventually become completely loose and come away from my foot.

    When putting on the ointment, remember that the idea is for it to peel away in one go when it dries. Like a peel away face mask but a bit thicker. If you rub it in you’ll only get crumbly effects and this is not what you want.

    When you put a sock carefully over the foot, it holds the thickness of the ointment and stops it waring away. This will dry overnight.

    The skin may not cast itself on day 5 if you shower daily like I do. Technically you’re not supposed to put your feet in water for the four days. This isn’t an option for me so if you are the same, try waiting for the skin to come away in its own time or else become really loose that you can remove it easily. This might take until day 6 or 7.

    My dad’s way of describing it coming off is “like taking off a sock”. So bear in mind that you need it to be that thick on application to be able to form a “sock” around your foot.

    Hope this gives better results than you have experienced so far!

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