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New Trend: Undoplasty. No, Really

By | October 18 2010 | 25 Comments

bad plastic surgery

I guess it’s all relative, but when I look at Telly People with such glaringly obvious signs of ‘work’, I can’t help but wonder (channeling Carrie Bradshaw here, sorry) in what echelon of society it’s acceptable to look like you’re using your face for double-jobbing as a motorway windsock.

Not mine, that’s fo sho.

So my (non-lifted) eyes raised in amused surprise – because they can still do that – when I got a press release about a new trend coming at us from State-side. Undoplasty is made up, no doubt, by PR people working for plastic surgeons who’ve botched so many faces that now they have to pretend it’s the in thing to have it all reversed. And pay for it, of course.

Ah, the wheels of commerce.

According to this missive of truth, “cosmetic surgery, especially on the face, can be shocking even for patients who desperately want a change.” No, really.  The amazing revelations in the press release continued thusly: “as plastic surgery is increasingly seen as a routine part of getting older [we have] seen an uptick in the number of patients asking to look the way they did before they went under the knife.

An uptick? Is that even a word? But I digress.

Patients are apparently asking for brow lifts that rendered them ‘angry’ or ‘surprised’ to be fixed, for eye surgery that removed too much skin which left them ‘deformed’ and cheek and lip implants that left them looking completely frigging ridiculous to be sent packing and their face returned to whence it was.

It actually sounds to me that patients are merely realising that a complete bollocks has been made of their facial features and rather than wanting to go back to the way they were, they want to go back to looking normal. Which is a different thing altogether.

So, I’ll let you have at it in the comments where I want you to tell me your absolute fave appalling plastic surgery figurehead, and I’ve just got one question left: is Jocelyn Wildenstein a candidate?

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