Loving it: Becca Cream Blush in Wild Orchid

By xgirl | February 11 2010 | 11 Comments

Cream blushes can be tricky creatures and are sometimes a bit harder to get right than their powdery sisters, but once you find a formula that works, there’s nothing like the natural glow they give.

Melting into the skin, Becca’s Cream Blush, €29,  gives the effect of a natural glow from within and is particularly comfortable to wear at this time of the year, when too much powder on the skin can be drying. It’s also a good choice in summer, however, when we tend to wear a lighter base and a cream product can look more natural.

Although Becca products tend to be sheer in finish, these cream blushes have a good level of pigment and I must admit that I went a bit Aunt Sally on it when I first tried the Wild Orchid shade. A beautiful deep pink, this isn’t a colour that needs a heavy hand when applying, but once I got used to how much I needed, I fell in love with it.

It can easily be tapped on with fingertips for a light flush of colour and it blends well without disappearing off the skin entirely as you do so. Becca also makes a lovely Cream Blush Brush which is ideal for applying it, though not totally necessary. And if you make the same mistake I did and go overboard in your application, it’s very easy to gently tone it down and blend it out with a makeup sponge.

In addition to using it as a blush, this makes a lovely lip stain, so it’s ideal for a night out when you can have top up your lips and cheeks from one little compact (and you also cut out any questions you might have on whether your blush and lip colours coordinate).

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11 Replies to "Loving it: Becca Cream Blush in Wild Orchid"

  • Emz says:

    I love cream blush as well & rarely use anything else – I use 2 different ones from MAC and find that they last well all day or night as opposed to powder blush.

    I too use my finger to apply them but may check out the Becca brush!

  • DeeDee says:

    i’m a big cream blush person, they are so natural and glowy but for staying power and nights out i always use powder……..

    fave cream blush = bobbi brown blush pot in pale pink

  • ilovetoshop says:

    me three!
    I love cream blush,My all time fave for day time is MAC Ladyblush,its simple to apply and makes my skin dewy (i am obsessed with anything that will give me this look!)
    For night time i love Laid Back by MAC, its a darker cherry colour and I might through on a little illuminator over it.

    I must take a gander at the BB one DeeDee

  • Joanne says:

    Anyone know of a good cheap cream blusher?

  • littlesis says:

    Wow this looks just fab!

  • sweetie says:

    Joanne, Max Factor has 4 (I think) shades of cream blushes, but the pots are tiny compared to, let’s say, MAC, and I don’t think they are well pigmented either… Your lippies can double up as cream blush, just make sure they are not glittery :)

  • Joanne says:

    I only use lipgloss really so don’t think I’d like sticky cheeks! the maybelline mousse blush looks okay but oink doesn’t suit me either

  • Joanne says:

    meant pink!

  • Mise says:

    Joanne, the Max Factor ones aren’t great at all. I use No 7 and find it good. It’s like a little stick blusher. I think it’s about €12, but I know Boots are doing those €7.50 of No 7 vouchers at the moment, so if you can get one of those it would only work out at about a fiver.

  • Joanne says:

    thanks Mise, will check that out at the weekend

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