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Heidi Montag and the plastic surgery: you were grand anyway

By Aisling | February 5 2010 | 28 Comments

Image via The Huffinton Post

Let’s forget some facts about Heidi Montag, star of reality television show The Hills. People magazine broke the story the other day that Heidi, aged 23, had put herself through ten plastic surgery procedures in one day.

  • Okay lets forget the fact that Heidi Montag was already as pretty as pretty does.
  • Let’s forget the fact that she is a reality TV star in a celebrity crazed world and thus bound to be under pressure about her looks
  • Lets forget the fact that she has an ambition to be a pop superstar (it’s not going to happen love) and will stop at nothing to achieve this ambition.
  • Let’s forget the fact that her other half is an insanely annoying ARSE (ok that’s got nothing to do with it – but you’d have to have low self esteem to be going out with someone like him wouldn’t you?)
  • Let’s forget the fact that she does/did look a bit like Tori Spelling and god knows that would drive anyone to plastic surgery

But still Heidi – ten plastic surgeries in one day? On top of all the ones you’ d had already? Your nose, your chin, your boobs, your tummy … and on and on. All of which looked perfectly nice to begin with.

Of course it’s her body and she’s entitled to do anything she likes with it. But now she doesn’t even look like herself – her mother stared at her afterwards, she said, “like something from the zoo”.

Look she wanted attention and she got it.  What’s your take on the whole Heidi drama?

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