Geisha facial: bird crap on your face – yummy!

By Aisling | October 19 2010 | 8 Comments

Now you might or might not remember me telling you ages ago about the bird poo facial.

No, not the one where you’re standing at the bus stop and an incontinent seagull flies overhead and craps all over you. That apparently is called “being lucky.”

This is a facial where nightingale poo is smeared over you visage in order to impart softness and radiance to your skin. Nightingale crap is so selected because it’s packed full of high concentrations of nitrogen-rich urea and guanine.

Ergo, in the way that manure imparts goodness to soil so too can bird crap infuse skin with goodness and minerals.

Urea (good for hydration etc) is commonly used in cosmetic preparations, as is guanine (it imparts a sheen), but there are other much more palatable ways of using these ingredients. However that doesn’t deter proponents of this facial.

And to make matters worse because this whole idea and treatment originated in Japan the facial has been given the ladylike and glamourous name of Geisha Facial and is becoming more and more popular.

So what do you think? Load of shite, or something you’d like to try?

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8 Replies to "Geisha facial: bird crap on your face – yummy!"

  • Emz says:

    Aside from how disgusting it is, I can’t even think about this without shuddering as I’m completely petrified of birds

  • LuLuBabe says:

    I heard of Japanese women of yore smearing on bird crap as white foundation, but nothing is going to convince me that crap of any kind is good for your skin.

  • BerG says:

    Definately be giving this a miss. Thought there were some health implications associated with bird poo.

    Sick and tired of the little feckers shitting on my clean sheets. Have had to wash one sheet 3 times in a row due to bird poo. On the fourth attempt managed to get it off the line unsoiled.

  • Aphrodite says:

    And at this time of the year the birds round my way have purple poo from eating the berries on the hedgerow bushes – if that gets on your washing (and it has done) it’s not coming out. Ever

  • Amarya says:

    Sound like a lot of poo to me. I can think of organic and natural products that are not related to poo that works well.

  • Kezia says:

    I remember reading about these in that book Memoirs of a Geisha of course there was also mention of Japanese women having used lead based white foundation and dying as a result of it in the book-they’re obviously hard core about there beauty in Japan!!

  • Kezia says:

    Whoops their not there!!

  • Reindeer says:

    Diseasedisease ew. Not a hope in HELL I could do this.

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