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Crisps or chocolate? Or both? Together.

By Aisling | March 4 2010 | 75 Comments

When it’s a rainy/cold/grey day outside and you’re reaching for the remote and snuggling up on the sofa in your slippers, one thing will make the day of happiness complete. You’re possibly hungover. Or possibly just in a piggy mood.

Not Jeremy Kyle, or Judge Judy or Dr Phil or other rubbish telly will complete you – no it’s junk that you need. But do you choose crisps or chocolate? Or do you choose both – and eat them together? Oh delicious.

I must admit that I’m partial to Dairy Milk and Taytos. Together. Sounds horrible? Not so: it’s scrumptious!

And I think I would commit murder for Tayto Bistros and Galaxy Cookies.

What’s your snackulette of choice: are you a saintly four squares of Green and Blacks person, or are you two big bags of tortilla chips and a box of Celebrations (andnowIfeelsickIamgoingtobed) type of piggie?

Tell all!

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