Clearasil Ultra Rapid action treatment cream: actually does what it says on the tin

By Aisling | November 29 2010 | 19 Comments

“So what attracted you to Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action treatment cream Aphrodite?”

“Well Terry, if I’m honest it would have to have been the big red 4 HOURS image on the front of the tube.”

“Did you not think that would just have been clever packaging Aphrodite? After all you’re long enough in this game to know that.”

“Yes Terry – but when’ you’re spotty you’re desperate and willing to grasp any promise of help.”

Clearasil know how to get you at your most vulnerable. Normally their preparations are so harsh that they react with my skin like battery acid and burn a big hole in my chin. Yeah the spot may be gone – but so is most of the surrounding area. It’s like bleeding Hiroshima – a mushroom cloud practically goes up when you apply it.

This cream seems to be different though. According to Clearasil new Acceladerm technology (another made up psuedoscientific term) works to sink deep down into pores and clear up spot size and redness fast – hence the four hours claim.

But does it? Well it definitely improved things for me. Better than the usual Clearasil spot creams, this is a handy one to have in the bathroom cabinet in case of emergencies.

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19 Replies to "Clearasil Ultra Rapid action treatment cream: actually does what it says on the tin"

  • Kirstie says:

    bet it’s loads of things: the cold, you’ve just moved house so stress and also the dreaded hormones. 10% benzoyl peroxide though? That’s *harsh*

  • Annie says:

    Ugh, why didn’t I see this in the shops last week. I had a GIANT spot on my chin, that got bigger and bigger even though I was doing my best to leave it alone. Then of course I caved and made it worse, and now I think I might be left with a little scar :( I will never learn.

  • LuLuBabe says:

    I’m getting this. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide holds no fear for me, as a long term Panoxyl (sniff!) user.

  • Ahh this is good to know. Most spot treatments are too harsh for me too!

  • Amelie says:

    Hi LuluBabe – is panoxyl totally discontinued now?!

  • LuLuBabe says:

    So I have heard, Amelie – I’ve not been able to get my hands on it in recent months. I think there is a thread on the forum about it.

  • ladyelvis says:

    I’ve discovered a fab zit zapper, courtesy of Lorna @ Queen on Aungier street- I use MD Formulations Vit A clearing complex masque as spot treatment overnight. I swear it works better than anything, even on the monstrous yellow ones. Life saver!

  • JLo says:

    I highly recommend soap and glory ‘’ which is the most amazing wonder gel that gets rid of my mountainous hormonal chin spots. I’ve never had any luck with clearasil, always burns holes in my skin! Dr spot is round €10 and good for any1 with more sensitive skin I’d imagine. Always used to use toothpaste on whopper spots in my teens when I was broke and it usually worked a treat!

  • cornflakegirl says:

    Hehehehe, love the Commitments style interview between you and Terry.

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    Cornflakegirl – haha! Was wondering if anyone would notice that!

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