Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is 30!

By | October 5 2010 | 29 Comments

clarins beauty flash balm 30 anniversary tube

Yup – it’s true. Clarins’ cult Beauty Flash Balm just reached the big Three Zero, meaning it’s a whole five years older than me!*

To celebrate, the brand’s given it a blingtastic makeover with a bedazzled cap from (who else but) Swarovski, the beauty industry’s go-to when they want to add some sparkle to er, anything. €35′s the damage for the limited edition crystal-studded tube but despite this product’s cult status as a pre-makeup dewey-iser, a skin drink and a pick-me-up, it really divides opinion.

So, given its momentous birthday, what I want to know is do you think Flash Balm is still worth the hype or are there products out there now that do what it claims – but do it better?

Leave your words of wisdom in a comment!

*This is possibly a lie.

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29 Replies to "Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is 30!"

  • Bscottie says:

    I dont get what all the hype is about. I really like Clarins products but although Beauty Flash doesnt do anything bad to my skin, it doesnt deliver any wow results……

  • dressjunkie says:

    I love this. Hangover day fail safe for making me look a bit more lively than I actually am.

  • Kirstie says:

    I used to use it loads but it’s fallen by the wayside for me in recent years, but yes, great hangover helper! Thanks for commenting Dressjunkie, we know captcha is a PAIN IN THE HOLE!

  • ams says:

    I have this and used to find it amazing (for hangovers etc) but rarely reach for it these days. I got a superdrug serum that seems to do the same thing but I hardly ever use that either!

  • kittyKat says:

    Tried it once. Turned my face pink under my makeup, hee hee. Haven’t used since. Kirstie your only a baby then at 25. Enjoy

  • Kirstie says:

    KittyKat – indeed and I’m not, I’m only messin’! I am in fact senior to BFB.

  • kittyKat says:

    Kirstie, thank God for that then. Cos I was thinking here how you’d put me to shame having achieved so much by the age of 25 ! You could pass for it in your photo’s.

  • Kirstie says:

    Oh flattery, it will get you everywhere.

  • Fee says:

    Used it a few times from a small GWP tube; couldn’t really see a difference to be honest. And not because I’m taut and glowing to begin with!

  • kittyKat says:

    Lol. I could do with some BFB today. My sons 21st on Sat night and we all bailed back to my house after the party and I didn’t get to bed until 7 am on Sunday. Just can’t do it anymore. My eyes look like two pee holes in the snow all week.

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