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By Aisling | September 7 2010 | 192 Comments


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  • Audrey says:

    Morning Beaut.ies! Thankfully it’s a much brighter morning out there. How depressing was yesterday?!
    Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday :)

  • MsSittingatherdeskandpretendingtowork says:


    Audrey, it’s wet in Kerry, but it’s not cold and my fingers are crossed in hope that it’ll brighten up.

    I’m having a better hair day that yesterday, so it’s a better day already than yesterday!

  • Trixie says:

    It’s way better today. Also got 11 hours sleep so i feel human again, yay :)

  • Emz says:

    Trixie – you lucky thing! I got less than 3 hours sleep, was still WIDE awake at 4am so will probably be in a heap on my desk in a hour! Always find it difficult to sleep after pilates – would have thought it would have the opposite effect!

  • Trixie says:

    Emz – u poor thing :(.
    I was exhausted from the weekend in kerry so just felt i would probably sleep at 8 last night. Next thing i knew it was 7am. Result!

    Have you tried something like Kalms herbal remedy to help with sleeping?

  • Emz says:

    Trixie – love when that happens!
    Went to get the night time Rescue Remedy the last time I’d trouble sleeping but it was out of stock so will check again today.

  • kittyKat says:

    Morning girls.
    How awful was y/day’s weather. Felt utterly miserable last night. Sat in front of the telly all night and couldn’t get out for a run wit rain. Mood v. low. Hope this is not the start of the winter blues again. Had a great summer and loved all the bright long evenings. Hardly watched tv at all, was out every evening for a run etc. But feeling really low now cos just know that with the dark evenings coming in the mood will go right down again like last winter. Got v. depressed last winter going from house to work and back again in the dark. Does anyone else get this ?

  • Morning All,

    Think I need some rescue remedy too- going on hols on Sat and had nightmares all last night about being in plane crashes!!!!

  • Trixie says:

    KittyKat – Yeah i’ve heard of lots of people having Seasonally Affected Disorder. I think that’s what it’s called anyway. Go and talk to your doctor, i’m sure they’ll be able to help you out.

  • Princess says:

    Morning all!
    Freezing in the office this morning!
    Just wondering does anyone know where to pick up a nice wrap thing for make up brushes thats not too expensive? I have a Lancome one that I got free ages ago but its so wrecked now!

    Lauraloo – thinking of you, hope you are doing ok hun.

  • brideandjoy says:

    Morning all

    Kittykat, I get this big time! I was never as happy in my life as I was when I was living in Australia. There must have been something in the air last night as I was feeling the same way – although I was working til half eleven, run off my feet, then nearly got hit by two crazy drivers on the way home – got home and the gates to the carpark were broken. I was nearly committed. All I wanted to do was cry or fling plates at the floor. It might help to get out for a bit of air during your lunch break (I know this wasn’t really a runner yesterday). But don’t worry about being the only one.

  • Trixie says:

    Brideandjoy. Yeah i’ve heard there’s something about getting out in the middle of the day – even if in winter – when the sun is at it’s highest.

  • sweetie1 says:

    Princess try, they do alot of brushes and brush rolls etc. Good prices too.

  • Renee says:

    Morning all – I’m not affected yet by the weather, but come January all I want to do is stay under the duvet (putting it lightly). Seasons definitely changing but I like this time of year.

  • Princess says:

    Thanks a mill sweetie, ill have a look now!

    So tempted to turn on the heat here!

  • kittyKat says:

    Bride and joy thanks. You poor thing. No point going to the GP cos he’ll prescribe antidepressants. Its not depression as such, its just winter blues brought on by being in the dark constantly. Spose the run up to xmas doesn’t help either :-( Girls I badly need to get a bit of romance in my life :-) Truth be told I’m just dreading sitting in on my own again all winter. All my friends are coupled up. My last single friend met someone a few months ago so thats me at a loose end totally now. Tried online dating – just met weirdos. Anybody got any tips on meeting eligible men ! I’d be delighted to hear them. Bearing in mind now that I don’t have any single girl pals to go out with so I’d be flying solo to try and meet people. Heard a guy on radio y/day talking about a website his mam uses and they organise weekends away, nights out etc for singletons. Didn’t catch the name tho, so if anyone knows of it ? Hope I don’t sound like a saddo, Im trying to be proactive. Either I do summat about it or I sit in all winter on my own feeling sorry for myself.

  • galway gal says:

    Morning all,
    Boyf just surprised me with booking a trip to Lisbon in November for my birthday. Know it’s ages away but getting all excited! Any of you ladies have any tips on where to stay, what to do etc?

  • Grá says:

    Ah Kittykat don’t be down! I hear you can get certain bulbs for the house that enhance your mood. I over-heard a lady asking about them in a healthshop. I think they have the same affect on a person as sunlight has…..

    This is going to be my first winter alone in five years, it’s going to be weird! Like you Kittykat all my friends have coupled off. :(

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Morning all, thank GOD it is a better day weather-wise.

    Had a productive evening grocery shopping, cleaning the house and baking a chocolate cake, despite the rain. I am hosting our book club tonight so wanted to make sure the place was sparkling and there’s nice things to eat :) Looking forward to it. Also got some flowers from the hubby, lovely surprise. I love spontaneous gifts for no reason.

    KittyKat, it is definitely hard in the winter when you never see the light of day. As for the romance thing, are there any things/courses you can join in your area? I know around us there is a book club, dancing classes etc? It is hard to join these things on your own but a couple of my friends have and have had a great laugh and met some friends (and one even a boyfriend :) )

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