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  • Babaduck says:

    I thought I’d get in early to get a good start on the day! I posted this last night but am reposting below…

    I’m baaaaaack! Took myself off to Dundrum pre-interview as I had seen a pair of shoes from Zara in a mag & totes fell in love with them – flat ballerinas, denim-ish blue colour with gold matt sequins all over them. £49 in UK mag. €69 here. You can bite me – I’m not paying seventy squids for a pair of flats

    Ended up buying fabilis lingerie in M&S instead – at least the Hubs will notice what I spent my cash on

    The interview went ok – I was “grilled” by a two-man team (he was good cop) and she asked some seriously tough questions but I think I did enough to make it through Round 1. Well, I’ll find out soon enough anyway. I would like the job – the location is great and I really think it’s something I’d be good at.

  • BerG says:

    Baba:- Have the fingers crossed for you. Hope it work out.

    Getting a new PC at work to day, so have to spend the next hour hiving off stuff i don’t want to loose of my old one.

    I see Debenhams are having a 25% spectacular on today, with the 10% off makeup.

  • MilkyMoo says:

    Morning all – just caught up on yesterday evening’s Blather, and wanted to say congraulations Kellbell!!! I know how you feel running for the bus – I thought I was fit too, ran a 10k race last summer to prove it, but these days I’m actually huffing and puffing after putting a load of laundry on!

  • Elly Parker says:

    Morning! I was hoping to pulse the beauty knowledge of the readers and see if anyone knows of any good value spa breaks at present?

    I’d like to take my cousin away for a day or overnight in June as a treat, and want to get good value for money. We both live in the greater Dublin area, but would be willing to travel for this (i.e. Limerick & Galway for day treatments, Cork for overnight).

    Any ideas?

  • Aifs says:


    I listed out the 50 – 21 fine things to my boyfriend last night!! He was not impressed with some of the choices! I told him he’d be on the list if he was famous…or if his friends voted like number #48! :)

    Babaduck – That’s great news. I’m really glad it went well for you. Fingers crossed.

  • Daisy says:

    Morning ladies had a bit of a chat with the boyfriend last night about the prospect of us moving in together he’s all for it but im very nervous about the whole thing because id be the 1 moving to where he’s from which would be a 2 hour round trip to work for me everyday, im tired enough as it is and I would have very little time for gym etc in the evening! I know I will inevitably have to make the move at some stage if our relationship is going to have a future but will I know when the time is right…I suppose no 1 can decide that for me!

  • Glamazon says:

    Morning ladies. Could sleep standing up today. Last day of my 30s :( Aaaarrrrghhhhh! Have to think of sumfink to mark it.

    Babaduck – keeping fingers crossed here for you.

  • ClaireBear says:

    Morning Beauts,

    I asked about Lidl’s own brand toiletries on yesterdays Blather, and then went forth to my local Lidl (money being very tight this month!)and bought shower cream, and also shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. Verdict: they’re not bad, actually! My hair looks and feels clean and soft, but not as shiny as normal, and the shower cream lathered up lovely and smelt nice. Long-term use will tell a more accurate story I suppose, but so far I don’t regret cheaping out :)

    God, I came out with a SACKLOAD of stuff (food etc) from there yesterday and it only cost me €20 and a few cents. Great value, I must say. Not too keen on their laundry detergents, though.

    Blather on, ladies!

  • Sheila says:

    I’m so pleased you didn’t buy the Zara shoes because of the price.

    I thought I was the only one taking the stand with these gangsters :-)

  • Polkadot says:

    God, its a gorgeous day in Dublin! Shame I’ll be stuck inside studying for my last exam of the year. Oh well, tomorrow = FREEDOM!!

  • witchgirl says:

    Morning ladies.

    Elly Parker – The Heritage in Port Laois do a day spa special between Mon & Thur. You get use of all the facilities, a body scrub, target massage & facial for €120. My sis has done it loads before for friends bday’s & says it gorgeous there. We’re heading for a joint celebration for our bdays this year.

    Babaduck – fingers crossed for you!

    Quick question for you lovely ladies as well – does anyone know anywhere (other than strawberrynet) that you can get Dior cosmetics online? I’ve tried the links from here but to no avail.

  • Tigerlily says:

    Morning ladies. Because of all of dithering on about #48 yesterday, I ended up having a dream about him last night, whoever the shag he is!

    Baba – I hope you get word back soon from your interview – I know what waiting is like! I’m waiting for word on my masters at the mo, turns my stomach every time I think about it.

  • BerG says:

    Glamazon: Enjoy the last day of your thirties. Things can only get better.

  • BerG says:

    Witchgirl:- Try i was online last night checking out stuff and they do Dior. Its listed under the c’s in the cosmetics list, i missed it the first time as i was looking under d. Was checking out a face highlighter powder product, that was 50 in the shops and is 35 online, so the value is good. However, packages can get caught for customs, but they will refund them onto your account.

  • Emz says:


    Babaduck – glad the interview went well, fingers crossed for you!

    BerG – hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Glamazon – wow, you should mark the day – how about some pampering perhaps?

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Best of luck babaduck.

    Glamazon, enjoy the last day of your thirties!! Sounds like a bona fide excuse for treating yourself to me.

  • witchgirl says:

    BerG – thanks so much! Really can’t afford the shop prices at the mo but am running out of everything. I’ll be able to hold out on some till going to London in June but no-one needs to see me without concealor!

    Glamazon – oh enjoy & defo agree with Emz bout the pampering!

  • Glamazon says:

    BerG :)

    Emz – trying to get husband to give me first lesson on motorbike – my mum and dad gave us one of my brothers’ bikes and I vowed that I would learn to ride it (husband already has one) so he is looking for oil for it as we speak – but living where we do there aren’t a lot of bikes around so garage might not have it.

  • Glamazon says:

    Twinkletoes / Witchgirl – thanks but have a day of total pampering planned tomorrow!

  • witchgirl says:

    Glamazon – you’re a braver gal nar I! My ex was always trying to convince me to come out on his bike with him (he was proper into it) but never worked up the courage.

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