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By Aisling | February 19 2010 | 197 Comments


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  • Emz says:

    Yippee it’s Friday ladies!

  • Bakeswife says:

    Oh thank god for that – looking forward to a nice chill out evening and then a girlie night out tomorrow night :)

  • le smurf says:

    yaaay Friday….

    See Mr Fassbender won an award… Go him!

  • madabouthols says:

    Hi girls,

    Nail polish panic over! I can home last night to find a transdesign parcel waiting for me (even if it was in the recycle bin!)

    Being a OPI newbie I couldn’t wait to get my unmanicured nails on them! Oh the joy….i actually think i’m a little in love.

    Painted each finger nail a different colour and spent most of the evening trying to decide which colour to use as I thought the rainbow effect would be a bit to much for work today. I am currently rocking a more work acceptable ‘you don’t know Jacques’ nail colour and I am very happy..It really is the small things in life that matter ha ha!

    Thanks to all the Beaut.ies for the recommendations, have a feeling i’ll be back for more!

  • Emz says:

    So did everyone watch “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” last night?

  • daiseeboo says:

    Friday, oh thanks be to Jeebus I thought you were never coming back. Bit grumpy this morning. Broke 4 nails last night in the space of about 2 minutes and one of them is really sore.:( My left hand is ‘scusitn now. Hopefully they won’t look so awful if I paint them later.

    Missed the start of Enders last night cos RTE live player is STUPID. Thought we were gonna find out the killer last night so was a bit peeved to find out will have to wait yet another 24hrs. Think there was a spoiler on the rte website though.

    Watched my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding then which cheered me up slightly. Those dresses were just unbelievable, I mean would you really want to wear something that meant getting down stairs became a lethal task. And as for your wan at the end in the lilac and black satin/lace ensemble, does she have no friends??? My Jesus, surely someone could have advised her a little better when shopping. Felt really sorry for the last bride, she looked utterly terrified at the prospect of married life, that is not the way to start such a huge new chapter in your life.

  • Anneml says:

    Thank crunchie its Friday!
    Madabouthols you should have kept the rainbow, it would have made you so happy every time you look at your hands! (But then I am someone who wears two colours as a matter of routine)

  • Anneml says:

    Emz, I watched that and I felt so sorry for the last bride she was terrified and your man didn’t look like he was all that into her.

  • MsSittingatherdeskandpretendingtowork says:

    BRRRRrrrrrrr! Snow and ice this moring. I almost broke my bum falling on the path.

    le smurf: Fassbender….drooooool…(i’d fatten him up a little though)!

  • xgirl says:

    Last day in work – WOOHOO!!
    Now I must run and finish up everything that needs to be done before I leave or I’ll be here til midnight :)

  • Satine says:

    daisieboo, what was the spolier, who did it? Cannot wait to find out, me and my family all have bets on who it was… there is a jackpot riding on it!

  • Emz says:

    I know I felt so sorry for her as well, she was petrified but I think I would be as well if I’d only met him twice before the wedding!

  • roxy says:

    Frrriday!! thank goodness!
    I Bought a gorgeous rimmel lipstick last night, think it’s my frist one ever actually.. was strolling around boots and spotted it, it’s summer angel and it’s divine! I’m in love and only €7 lovely!

  • daiseeboo says:

    Satine – I’m afraid to say in case people don’t want to know. Not sure if it is even right but maybe I could post it on the forum and people who want to know can go and have a looksie. Now all I have to do is figure out how to start a thread.

  • daiseeboo says:

    xgirl – enjoy your last day, or at least enjoy the knowledge that it is your last day. :)

  • AshC19 says:

    Madabouthols- where did you get the nail varnishes? I got an OPI varnish in a swap recently and am mad to have more!

  • Glamazon says:

    Ggggrrrrrrrrr :evil: bloody mains pipes burst near town yesterday and council staff were told if they didn’t have it fixed by 4.30 they were to shut off the water for the night because the council won’t pay them overtime (this is what we have to look forward to now)…we are living a Big Fat Gypsy Lifestyle at the mo with no water or heating. Cooked curry last night of all things and now the whole house stinks of it because we can’t wash up. Better call in the big guns and light the Jo Malone candles. Can we move cocktail hour forward a bit today for emergency purposes?

  • Satine says:

    oooh thanks so much daisieboo….

    ***Trots off to the forums

  • redeve says:

    Morning girlies,
    Never been so glad its Friday as I am today…bsy and kinda crappy week at work means I am exhausted…

    This weekend=pampering! Long hot baths + lots of beauty sleep :-) looking forward to it already and have the house all to myself!

    The gorgeous boy from last weekend got in touch :-) :-) I’m dead chuffed

  • roxy says:

    AshC19- transdesign . com is where you get them really cheap!
    it’s a fab site! although it becomes addictive! hehe but a girl needs loads of nailvarnish right!

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