What Celebs REALLY Use: Part #2

By Beaut.ie | September 8 2009 | 7 Comments

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Earlier we took a sneak peek into some celebs’ makeup bags to find out what they really use, but it’s always fun to know what the gals who endorse beauty brands use on their own delicate phizogs. So I’ve dug the dirt on two glam types who are known as the faces of two beauty brands, as well as, eh, Lady Gaga, who is just known as a big pain in the arse show-off.

Though I am thankfully capable of wearing a skirt over my pants, it seems me and Lady G do have one thing in common: we love Dior’s 5 Coleurs shadow palettes. I gushed about these last week, but the does-she-or-doesn’t-she-have-a-mickey Pokerface star apparently loves the Twilight variation, and so do I. It makes a great alternative to a smokey eye and navy is oh-so flattering, darlink.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is the face of Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipsticks which led me to believe she probably gives the rest ‘o the line a whirl of an evening. No, is the firm answer. She does not: her favourite foundation is by Nars and not Rimmel, and if you’d like to copy her alabaster look, then head to Brown Thomas to bag a bottle of Sheer Matte Foundation in Mont Blanc.

Last up is a new gal on the endorsement scene: ScarJo is the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s luxe makeup line but it turns out that for red lipstick, she’s an avowed Lipstick Queen fan, choosing the cult Poppy King-created bullets over that of her paymasters. Bold, Scarlett, bold.

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7 Replies to "What Celebs REALLY Use: Part #2"

  • Glamazon says:

    Lady Gah. She’s such a gimmicky eejit. Shame really because her songs are quite catchy and she can sing but she is detracting from that with her eejitness.

  • Beauty Junkie says:

    Glamazon – :) hilarious!

    Did you see her with her teacup on Wossy – randomness or to use your word eejitness perhaps!?!

    Yup in fairness to her the beats are good

  • Glamazon says:

    Beauty Junkie – I didn’t see her on JR but I did see another interview she gave and she had a real bad ‘tude. She was so cocky and obnoxious and trying too hard to be controversial. I hate all that.

  • she’s a twat but she plays the game well, she’s always in magazines, on the gossip sites etc. She did my head in on wossy, her screaming “poker face” into the microphone didn’t really make me want to buy the song…

  • Beauty Junkie says:

    Glamazon – Yes, she tries to hard, I thought she was trying to be quirky on JR, she came out carrying a little china teacup and saucer – I really don’t think it’s going to catch on as the new clutch!

    Littlemisswonders – I’d say she’s a PR dream

  • KellBell says:

    Ooooh NARS Sheet Matte? Is that what SEB uses? I checked out the Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow yesterday and they are GORGEOUS! On my wish list :)

  • KellBell says:

    Ahhhh that would be SHEER Matte not Sheet

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