Trying and liking: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15

By xgirl | February 27 2009 | 63 Comments

Bobbi Brown skin foundation

Way back in January, Kirstie gave us the heads-up on Bobbi Brown’s new Skin Foundation SPF15. I’ve been trying it out for the past little while, and I have to say that I really like it! Billed as offering “invisible, weightless coverage that looks like skin, not foundation”, Skin Foundation does indeed give a very natural finish; evening out skintone, concealing imperfections and minimizing pores. You can apply it sheerly if you don’t need much coverage, or build it up in layers without it turning into a cakey mess.

As this is a long-lasting formulation, I was advised to moisturise my dry skin well before applying it, but I don’t notice any particular problems with dryness or flakes showing up when using my usual moisturisers. I’ve been applying it with my fingers when I’m in a hurry, or with a dampened sponge when I have more time to blend carefully, but either way it applies beautifully with no streaks and does not sink into my pores.

Skin Foundation SPF15 comes in a glass bottle with a pump top and is available in 17 shades. I’ve been wearing Porcelain, which is perfect for my fair, neutral-toned skin. Available now from Bobbi Brown counters, priced at €38.

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63 Replies to "Trying and liking: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15"

  • MontyC says:

    Xgirl – Pretty much out of my YSL perfect touche foundation and I’m very curious to try this out.

    This and Dior Nude. Have you tried the Nude?

    Decisions, decisions!

  • Sar says:

    Hi, I went to B Brown counter in BT in Cork a few weeks ago and the sales staff were very nice. Gave me 2 samples of this foundation in warm ivory and sand. Warm Ivory is the shade up from porcelain. Found the foundation really nice, colour is lovely and texture great to. Goes on lovely and stays on really well through the day. Doesnt feel heavy or anything on the face but, as ye say, it has buildable coverage. Bought the warm ivory yesterday so have abandoned my MAC Studio Fix for the time being!:)

  • MontyC says:

    Sar – Yep, the girls at the BB counter in BT Cork are lovely to deal with.

  • xgirl says:

    I haven’t tried the Dior Nude, no. But I definitely recommend trying the BB Skin. I very carefully emptied the sample sachet I got into an empty jar and got a week of use out of it :)

  • MontyC says:

    Xgirl – Cool. I feel a little walk to BT coming on tomorrow…. ;-)

  • Porridge says:

    Morning All Thank God its Friday !!

    Q: What foundation is more suited for the paler Irish Skin..ive always thought it was natural but maybe i should be using Porcelain?
    Is Bobbi Brown eye creams any good?

  • xgirl says:

    Porridge, your best bet is to get them to match you at the counter and ask for a sample of a few shades if you’re unsure. Of the lighter ones, Porcelain is a good neutral shade, while Alabaster is more pink and Warm Ivory more yellow.

  • MontyC says:

    Porridge – Xgirl is spot on!

    Head to the BB counter and get a few samples. Best (and cheapest way!) to find out what suits you best.

    Always try before you buy.

  • LouLaBelles says:

    Im just down to the bottom of my Chanel “Tent Innocence” so now im debating whether to try this or the Dior Nude.
    They both look good.
    I like an even coverage, natural looking foundation.
    I must get some samples, but often find it can be a little hard to get a sample of sth on BT in Dublin! I’ll have to try before I buy!

  • sweetie says:

    Haven’t tried this one, but I’m using the Dior Nude at the moment and I’m really happy with it. Judging by descriptions, these two are pretty similar, except Dior one is mineral.

  • tiana says:

    MontyC I am using the Dior Nude at the moment, I have been using it for the last couple of weeks and I love it. You can build it up or you can leave it almost sheer, but I found that even one layer is fine. I find it also very comfortable to wear given my very dry skin.I got matched in BT and the girl was very nice, gave me loads of other samples as well. My shade is 020.

  • MontyC says:

    LouLaBelle – Stand your ground and get that sample off them!

    They all do them so don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Of course, they run out of them as well but if necessary, bring in a couple of travel pots with you (I think Boots do them) if you have to and get them to put a few pumps of the foundation you want to try into them.

  • xgirl says:

    Ha ha, Monty – that’s also my secret weapon :) Go in, tell them you’d like to try a foundation and ask them which shade you’d be, then say you want to be sure so can you have a sample to try at home. If they say they have none, say you have an empty pot with you and would it be ok to take a bit from the tester.

    In fairness, no-one has ever said no to me yet when I ask for a sample, and counters like MAC and Armani usually have their own pots they’ll fill up for you. I certainly would never be buying again from anyone who refused to give a sample.

  • Admin says:

    Gals – not all brands do do samples as it happens. Did a piece on freebies offered by beauty brands which will be in this Sunday’s Trib and you’d be surprised at what they do and don’t carry. Lancome don’t, for example. As a rule of thumb, you’ll find it easier to get a sample of something new than something old.

  • xgirl says:

    Oh I agree Kirstie, which is why I always go armed with an empty pot for something like foundation.

  • MontyC says:

    Xgirl – I’ve never been refused a sample either.

    Nor would I buy from someone who wouldn’t give one either. As my Dad says ‘you can’t buy a pig in a poke!’

    Admin – Sorry, i thought they did :oops:

  • Admin says:

    Monty – by rights they should! I just checked into a sample of popular dept store ones to see what they did and didn’t offer and it was interesting! Was surprised myself lancome didn’t offer them.

  • MontyC says:

    Admin – Strange indeed.

    As mentioned above, it would turn me off of buying something if I couldn’t try it first.

  • ashyho says:

    This sounds exactly what im looking for, Im curently using a glomineral liquid, its a fab foundation but it is quiet heavy and a full coverage but now that we are coming in to the summer months i wants something light weight but with a decent amount of coverage, I wounder if i rang them would they post me out a sample as i live in the mid lands, maybe not though.

  • Admin says:

    Monty – and then lots of them will do sample sachets in magazines, so it’s even more confusing…

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