Titter: Mitchell & Webb on Female-Targeted Advertising

By Beaut.ie | June 26 2009 | 7 Comments

Via Jezebel comes this Mitchell & Webb mish-mash piss-take of ads targeting us ladies: “Women! You’re leaking, ageing, hairy, overweight – and everything hurts,” intones David Mitchell, as the ad rolls to a close. Check out the product shot at the end – particular favourites are Guss It Sanitary Pads and Apricot Deforestation Strips.

PS: Is it just me or are M&W generally scarily unfunny? After the brilliance of Peep Show, I was pretty horrified by how rubbish their own show was – though this redeems them. Somewhat.

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7 Replies to "Titter: Mitchell & Webb on Female-Targeted Advertising"

  • She-Ra says:

    hehe we were just talking in work the other day about how all ads for constipation remedies always have only women on them – why???!

    Robert Webb was legendary doing Flashdance on that Comic Relief celebrity dance thing :-D Haven’t seen much of their stuff otherwise

  • BLUE_Eyes says:

    i have to agree kirstie- love peep show- they’re just so unfunny in anything else though!!!

  • Eliza J. says:

    I totally agree, was really looking forward to That Mitchell and Webb show until I actually saw one. Good news is, Peep Show are back for two more seasons, woop!

  • jill says:

    there’s as version of this with a 10″ mens ad at the end where they basically tell men don’t worry, drink beer & shave – you’re perfect already

    mind you, they owe A LOT to Sarah Haskins with this as it is…


  • jill says:

    (being a fully paid up jezzie, i know you know this kirstie)

  • Kirstie says:

    LOVE sarah haskins, she friggin cracks me up!
    off to YouTube!!

  • Aphrodite says:

    haha – Peep Show and Flashdance were brilliant, Mitchel&Webb not so much alas

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