Thumbs Up: Vichy Normaderm ProMat Hydrating Care with SPF15

By Lynnie | May 12 2009 | 7 Comments

normaderm promat

I’m a huge fan of Vichy’s Normaderm line, which will possibly not come as a great shock to those of you who’ve come across my posts in praise of the microdermabrasion gear and night cream in this suite of products. Anyone who asks me for a recommendation for skin care for oily or problematic skin is guaranteed to get an earful about the fabulousness of Normaderm.

Even so, I always felt that the lack of a day moisturiser with SPF meant that there was a bit of a gaping hole in the armoury, and in fact I stopped using the Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care around this time last year in favour of products with sunscreen.

Looks like Vichy spotted the same gap and behold – there’s now a Stop-Press-Brand-Spanking-New moisturiser with SPF15 in the range! It’s called ProMat, and my oily skin is loving it. ProMat gives a long-lasting matte effect (I know, you didn’t see the matte coming, ha?) while still managing to hydrate skin and provide a most excellent base for make-up.

It’ll be ideal for the (hopefully) sunnier, warmer summer months, as it helps to prevent recurrent shine in two ways: the UVA/UVB filters protect skin from the UV rays that can exacerbate excessive sebum production, while any grease that does manage to make a break for the surface is thwarted by sebum-regulating microspheres that mop it right up.

€17.50 from usual Vichy stockists.

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7 Replies to "Thumbs Up: Vichy Normaderm ProMat Hydrating Care with SPF15"

  • Sara says:

    That’s a good one. I have used it.

  • Harto says:

    Have been using this just on my usually shiny T zone and have to say it has been keeping it nicely mattified. Thumbs up from me too!

  • Flame says:

    Ooh, thanks Lynnie, gonna try this when my hydrating care runs out. Sounds nice, just in time for summer too :)

  • sarah says:

    I too have the oily t-zone with normal other zones. Have been using La roche posay daily renewal fluid for oily skin

    as a moisturiser with

    la roche posay anthelios xl spf 50 on my face and neck

    I used the spf 50 one for the last few years but found it a bit oily after a while,
    the combination of the two seems to be doing great things all together to my skin.

    so highly recommend for the shiny heads looking for higher spf ;-)

  • Alla says:

    15 is way weak… why don’t they do 30 more often?

  • Kirstie says:

    alla – it’s harder to formulate, basically.

  • Jillysworld says:

    Haven’t tried the day cream, but I’ve just started using the night treatment cream, and it appears to be the answer to my late-20s-ongoing-skin-nightmare. I’ve only been using it a week, but already teh texture of my skin appears a lot better, with less congestion and a more regular surface…but without drying! I have annoyingly oily/sensitive skin, meaning that the vast majority of products designed for oily skin leave me with flakey, stingy skin, completely defeating the purpose! Absolute thumbs up to Normaderm as far as I’m concerned so far. Am quite curious about the cleanser – anyone have any experience of it? xx

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