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There’s Something About John and Edward

By | November 10 2009 | 22 Comments


“I’m John and he’s Edward. Together we are … John and Edward.”

Eh. Sorry jung’flas, Jedward is really a much better moniker and even though X Factor almost totally passes me by, I couldn’t help but channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw and wonder how the frig the Lucan lads get their barnets so spectacularly bouffed.

And they’re getting bigger by the week: growing to herculean hirsute heights, you could say. So I also couldn’t help but wonder how the backstage team do it. Is it gel? Is it wax? Hairspray, maybe? Sugar and water? Egg whites?

Or, shudder, is it perchance, creme de Jedward? You know what I’m getting at: you’ve seen Something About Mary. Does anything else have the same holding power? Ah well, at least it’s Beaut.ienomical, eh?

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