The Curse of Mammy Hair – Has it Happened to You?

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mammy hair

Unless you’re Pinocchio and refusing to tell the truth, we’ve all had a hair disaster. You know, the cut that was so shite you had to go to ground until it grew out, or the time the hairdresser was hungover and gave you a mullet AND a wonky fringe. Ringing any bells?

But there’s worse than that, ladies. Oh yes. The very worst terror at the hairdressers has to be the fear of coming out with a Mammy-style helmet. You went in a hip, sassy gal with your finger on the pulse, and you slunk out with, variously, a boxy, cropped-close-to-the-head cut; a feathered, hickey ‘do or something so practical and no-nonsense as to strip you of every iota of sex appeal you ever had.

Truly this is the pinnacle of hair-horror.

Have you ever suffered this fate? If so, what did you do? Cry? Scream? Get a paper bag? Dish all in the comments!

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20 Replies to "The Curse of Mammy Hair – Has it Happened to You?"

  • tcup says:

    i have two words for ye

    ‘a step” shudder!!!

  • No, never had a hair disaster. That’s what happens when you have the exact same hairstyle for 20 years. (I really should think about a change).

  • Zie says:

    Ugh, there was a period when my mum and I had the same haircut. I just had a bob, which I thought was grand, but she rocked up with the same cut, I don’t even think she deliberately got it done like that. but we look almost like sisters, but I’m blonde with pale skin and she’s dark with sallow skin. It’s hilarious looking back at old photos, but at the time it was pretty embarrassing.

  • Jenknee says:

    I have bob lenght hair and the last time I got my hair blow dried in a salon on Baggot Street I came out with Anne Doyle hair, I looked about 10 years older.

  • Tiddles says:

    I had my hair cut by a family friend. Went in with gorgeous (if I may say so myself) bra-strap length hair, the longest mine’s ever been, and came out with a crop. Urgh. I wanted a choppy bob with a side fringe. Had pictures for her n’all. She ended up shaving the back short with an electric razor and giving me loooooads of volume at the roots. The cut was the exact same as my mothers, except her hair was curly and mine was straight. Had to sit through dinner and an evening of small talk with her too (salon is at her house and my family were all there for dinner) when all I wanted to do was cry! Nightmare.

  • bscottie says:

    I had a seriously bad cut about 12 years ago. Went in with a pic of Helen Christensen with gorgeous shoulder length hair(ok maybe that was a slightly unrealistic goal).
    Anyway – the lady cutting my hair had a new born baby so was suffering from serious sleep deprivation. She cut a big chunk of hair off with the first snip and spent the rest of the time cutting shorter and shorter trying to even it up til I was left with boy length hair – no shape or style and gone with the hair was my sex appeal.
    I wouldn’t let my boyfriend look at me for days and think I cried for a week!!

  • Shelly says:

    oh god girls when i was 16/17 i had a victoria beckham style bob cut. It was cut very short at the back with the front bits kept long. Id spent AGES growing it all out and had finally managed to get the hair at the back of my head the same length as the front except for a strip about 1 cm long at the back. I went into an unfamilar hairdresser (which has not happened since i was so traumatised!!) one hot day (yes yes this was a long long time ago back when we actually got a summer!!) to get the little strip cut and so all my hair would be the same length. I came out of the hairdresser looking like a boy my hair was soooo short…i dont think ive ever cried as much, the fact i was 16/17 and hadnt a sight or hint of boobs really didnt help the whole boy image. It still brings a tear to my eye now thinking about that “hair-cut”…

  • Snowfinch says:

    Thankfully I never have had a hair disaster but I had a close shave. I have long blonde hair and I love it. I love my hair long. I will never want it short. I went in to the hairdresser for a trim a few years ago and the stylist kept saying that a pixie cut would really suit me, but I was “thanks, but no thanks” and that all I wanted was a trim, i.e. an inch off the ends. Next thing I know after my hair was washed, she started to cut into the hari horizontally at my chin!! I was like “what the hell?” and she was like, “it will suit you!” so I got up, wet hair and all, and walked out. I didn’t pay and found a hairdresser that listens to me that I stuck to from then on. I had to wear a clip for years in my hair to hide that chunk growing out.

  • Gingerrama says:

    Had a few disaters – often, like other above, going in for a trim and getting butchered. Mind you, there is one factor that makes it worse: being short-sighted and making the mistake of going in wearing specs. You take them off. Cutting happens. You put them back on. And don’t recognize the head in the mirror.
    I only ever go in to a new hairdresser’s now when wearing contacts. I did break the rule once, when hair dire, walked into a place randomly off the street, and they were amazing: nice, good cutters, did what was asked, and also do excellent dry cuts – worth knowing on wavy to curly hair (cheap, too, so don’t all rush there at once). This is now my regular. Max Barbers, Liffey Street Lower, Dublin 1. Yep, the name’s a bit disconcerting, and they do indeed barber men too.

  • tina says:

    circa 1988, I was 11 and had a perm… still can’t look at the pictures! Cheers Kylie!!

  • Aoife says:

    I have sworn off short hair forever for the following the reason.When i was 15 i went on holidays to Oz.It was so hot over there at the time that my hair was baking my head,so i decided the time was right for short, edgy pixie cut.I had high hopes for a Mia Farrow style ‘do.Long story short,hairdresser violated my hair.Chatted over her shoulder to her friend barely even looking at what she was doing to my hair while i got more and more anxious about what i was seeing in the mirror.At the time I was only a timid young wan, and i was also hopeful that once she was finished it’d be alright.It wasn’t – i came out with a man’s haircut – which is bad on a girl with broad shoulders with brick shithouse tendencies.this is no exaggeration,because my family and I went to visit a distance cousin I’d never met a few days later and the first thing he said to me was “who is this strapping young man?”. The mortification – i don’t think i’ve ever gotten over it.

  • Fabulash! says:

    All that needs to be said is; ginger hair abused by blonde highlights when all i wanted was something to bring out the red….there were tears for days!

  • Selina says:

    Many years ago when I was a poor single mum I used to nip down to the local suburban hairdresser for my cuts because she was affordable. She was more used to styling the old dears with their blue rinses so my hair cuts were always a bit on the ‘mumsy’ side. One day I made the mistake of saying yes when she asked me if I wanted a little product in my hair. She set about styling my chin length hair into a bouffant worthy of an American soap star while I watched in the mirror and smiled nicely (not much on the assertiveness, me). As we left the salon my four year old son said to me “Mum, you look really ugly”. I spent the rest of the walk to the car frantically trying to flatten my hair back down and hoping I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew, and needless to say I NEVER went back!

  • Kirstie says:

    selina – Yikes!

  • Shelly says:

    Gingerrama I’m short sighted too, that’s what happened me that day I got butchered, had my glasses on and couldn’t see what he was at!! And as it was a male hairdresser I’m also very scared if I see a man coming at me with a scissors in a hairdressers now, I know they’re not all the same but I was seriously scarred after that ordeal. Have since worn my contacts to every hair and beauty appointment…something you really only learn the hard way!!!

  • Shelly says:

    That was meant to be had my glasses off not on…ooops!!

  • legalyblonde says:

    On the subject of mammy hair cuts, and avoidance of, can anyone recommend a decent hairdresser in Cork??

    Getting kind of bored with going to the same place, still not getting exactly what i want, have to stick my hair in a bun most days!! If that isnt mammy hair then i dont know what is!

  • jenizzle says:

    I had a mammys haircut when I first got all my hair chopped off. I dyed it though and learned how to style it properly so that helped a lot! I think a lot of people get their hair cut short without realising you need to completely rethink how you style it. A bit of product goes a long way with short hair!

    Still doesn’t allow for the hairdressers who totally ignore you and cut your hair off without asking – thats just mean!

  • Little Miss Organised says:

    Ok at the risk of sounding super smug,I’ve escaped the hair-horrors recently thanks to the heavenly scissors of my hairdresser.The day he hangs up the scissors will be a sad day for me and my lovely locks – can hair-dressers be superheroes?!

  • daisyrocks! says:

    first time ta leave a comment. love this thread

    about two years ago went to get the aul hair chopped!!
    never again!! haha went in like meself and i swear came out lookin like bruce willis r sumtin!! be grand if i was a man!! haha
    two years on!!! brucy no more!!! whoaa lol

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