‘Tache Threading Not Lasting at it Should!

By Beaut.ie | March 30 2009 | 20 Comments


When I went to meet threading guru Shavata the other week, my brows weren’t all she tended to. She also did my upper lip, and I’m not going to lie. It hurt. It stung like mad – especially up near my nose –  tears were streaming out of my eyes during it, and I was getting a bit panicky because I had to meet Himself for lunch straight after and reckoned he’d burst himself laughing at my red upper lip. As it turned out, he didn’t even notice.  Men.

While it takes longer than a lip wax (meaning the pain-factor is also drawn out) I still prefer threading – it leaves the teeny, tiny downy hairs in place and they in turn help makeup stay in place, so I’m all for not getting rid of them. And I had a lovely smooth upper lip for a couple of weeks, but now the hair is on the way back in.

Why? I think the recent few nice days might be one of the reasons – it’s well known that warmer weather enhances blood circulation to the skin and scalp, which in turn nourishes hair cells and stimulates growth, and that could account for the hairs I’m seeing.

The other reason could be that sometimes threading doesn’t whip all the hairs out by the root, and some break off – meaning you’ll see a reappearance of them a lot quicker than you’d like. In this case, a tweezer is yer friend, and I’ll be having a go of mine in a well-lit mirror later.

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20 Replies to "‘Tache Threading Not Lasting at it Should!"

  • The Toy Man says:

    Ouch! It’s tough being a woman. We really do appreciate the lengths you girls go to!

  • Hannah says:

    Kirstie this is v. interesting. When I started having threading many moons ago the lady asked me if I wanted my lip and chin done – I was horrified at the time cos I didn’t think I had anything there to take off. So each time they would run the threads down my chin and neck etc…so now that I can’t get threading down where I live I’ve noticed LOADS of hairs on my neck and I don’t know if this was because of threading when it didn’t really need it or because I am getting…oh god I have to say it…older.

  • Kirstie says:

    Hannah – as far as I know it wouldn’t be possible for threading to make you hairier, in fact, like any hair removal method that plucks from the roots regularly, it’ll eventually make the growth weaker. But I too am getting harier as I get older – it does happen!

  • Hannah says:

    That’s what I feared Kirstie :) I will be howling at full moons soon if it gets any worse. At least I don’t have a tache…yet. My body is probably saving that for when I go through the menopause as a special little bonus treat…I’ll be like Cujo then…a hairy animal with rabies-like madness when I go through the change.

  • sweetie1 says:

    Ya, I do think that taking the hair from the root makes it weaker…a la waxing the legs etc. But I do think that eyebrow waxing\plucking is nearly encouraging the little buggers to grow, and they’re still thick dark hairs – I’m constantly maintaining them! That’s whats turned me off removing the light hairs on my upper lip. They’re v light in colour and not v noticable (just to me) so I’ve decided to leave well enough alone for the moment.

  • Hannah says:

    Sweetie1 – mmmm I know what you mean…I do wonder whether the little fluffy hairs would have stayed fluffy if they’d been left alone instead of turning into hideous black thick ones…reminds me of Gremlins!

  • Aphrodite says:

    er yes, I’m with the older too

    poor men get hair on their shoulders as they get older, I don’t think I could cope with that – imagine!

  • Hannah says:

    Aphrodite – at least they can cover with a shirt…I’d have to walk around in a yashmak if this continues unchecked :)

    Actually I saw a programme once about some American and Canadian women who were ‘embracing’ their hirsuiteness! One actually had a proper beard and long hair…was v. strange indeed…don’t think my son or husband would be too comfortable with me going around like something from ZZ Top.

  • Cutie says:

    Girls i need some help ive been bleaching the hair on my upper lip for years I have a beauty spot/mole thing just above my lip and big black hairs grow out of it so I can’t leave it but the bleach just ain’t working anymore. Should I start waxing, sometimes I pluch the dark hairs from the mole but my sis says this is bad?? Plz help

  • Hannah says:

    Cutie – I have a mole that sprouts hairs as well and threading is great for it…really reduced the blackness of the mole as well somehow.

  • Cutie says:

    hannah the mole is really light brown in colour can barely see it apart from the thick dark hairs growing up towards my nose. Didn’t really want to get the threading done as I cant afford anything at the mo now i’ve been put down to a 3 day week. My little sis is a beautician so she could do the waxing for me? But do ya not think this would be as affective??

  • Hannah says:

    Cutie – I’d say it would be as effective. I always heard that plucking etc was dangerous for moles so never did it but in reality ripping hairs out is ripping hairs out regarless of whether you use a tweezers or wax so I don’t know why people say its bad.

  • Cutie says:

    Tks Hannah

  • Orlaith says:

    Jeepers, creepers! It sounds like it can be a bit of a nightmare to be a dark-haired girl at times. I have my own fair share of gripes and concerns but this particular issue I’m glad to say I’ve never had to deal with.

  • sorey says:

    Sweetie- that’s what I was like about mine. They were light and I’d bleach them anyhow. Over the last couple of years they’ve become way longer (apparently this happens, according to the woman who waxes them anyway now). Was never overly conscious of it until, the day after a date last summer, myself and the date were discussing the kissing which had gone down. I complimented his. He followed suit with “Your kisses are nice too, if a little ticklish”


  • Hannah says:

    Sorey – LOL poor you! God, guys don’t worry about giving us severe pash-rash with their stubbly bloody chins yet we’re terrified of ‘tickling’ them with our little cutey fuzzy wuzzy mini mouse-taches!

  • sorey says:

    Hannah- I KNOW! Ever since then I’ve been obsessive about it and get it waxed about every 2 weeks! I don’t even think he realised how tactlessly offensive it was! I was really upset actually!! Tried to laugh it off going “hmmm… I thought I thoroughly Gillette’d my beard” or something and he responded “not all ;)”

    I hate boys :(

  • prudence says:

    One day last year I was sitting in the old restaurant in Arnotts (the one at the top of the stairs) drinking a cup of coffee and having a quiet read of my book when a man and woman sat down at the table – and the woman had a beard, a real beard, two or three inches long. I was so shocked I was on the verge of saying,’Oh my God, did you know you have a beard?’ Anyway the pair of them tucked into big plates of dinner, chatting away to one another, not remotely phased by the lady’s beard – and including me in the conversation, as people in that restaurant tended to do. I escaped as quickly as I could, but it was a very weird experience.

  • prudence says:

    Or even fazed!

  • madnessburgers says:

    Love beaut.ie!
    Im a laser girl myself. After years of all manner of wax, pluck, bleach, burn and scar I was at my wits end until a friend recommended laser. I now have only the left over downy hairs on my lip and am overjoyed being a pink skinned yet dark hairy mary as many irish women are. I would also recommend it for the moley ladies. Im practically more mole than skin and the little spider legs that crept out of my chin mole are no more (rereading this Im beginning to sound like a witch). I had the neck hair too and its been zapped and Im moving on down my body to completely denude myself of hair. Armpits here I come!

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