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Smoke up your look with Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

By xgirl | October 7 2009 | 6 Comments

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Kirstie gave us a sneaky peak at the latest Shiseido collection a while back and I was instantly interested. Shiseido’s products have always been beautifully designed and elegantly packaged and since Dick Page joined the company as Artistic Director, the makeup just seem to get better and better.

This new collection has many lovely products, but I was in the market for an eyeliner when I went to check it out, so I swooped in on the Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil. Beautifully soft, this pencil glides smoothly onto my lids, which I love – there is nothing worse than an eye pencil which you have to dig into the delicate eye area to get any colour at all. The colour is really intense too – in fact the effect is similar to what you’d get with a gel eyeliner. There’s really no need to trace over the line again and again to get a good level of pigment – with one swoop of the pencil I have a lovely solid, dark line, with no skipping or uneven texture.

At the end of the pencil is a soft, rounded sponge tip for blending. Sometimes I find these blending tips tend to just remove liner, rather than smudging or blending it, but this one works very well to soften the edge of the line without removing it. And once you’re satisfied with the effect, this liner will last all day. My lids tend to be oily and shadow and liner can fade away if I don’t prime them well before application, but even when I apply this pencil to bare lids, it has lasted perfectly for the whole day. And it’s not even difficult to remove when you are ready to get rid of it – it cleans off easily with my standard eye makeup remove, no scrubbing required.

Currently available in a lovely dark brown and in black, this is available now from Shiseido counters priced at €20. Here’s hoping they’ll bring out a few more colours to add to the collection in the future!

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