X Factor Results show: Rihanna carelessly forgets to put on her bra

By Aisling | November 30 2009 | 12 Comments

Rihanna doesn’t follow trends – she starts them.

And we have no end of praise for her makeup, her hair undercuts and her wardrobe.

However last night Rihanna gave us pause for thought. Appearing on the X Factor results show there was a bit of Sharon Stone-esque Basic Instinct influence in her chair performance. But when she rose from said chair she was even more captivating than normal – at least to the males in the company. Why? Well she was channeling Charlie Dimmock and not wearing a bra.

And it worked – on her. But what about the rest of us? Will you be casting your bras aside and doing a Rihanna in the office/in the pub/at parties?

Think I might know the answer to this one!

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12 Replies to "X Factor Results show: Rihanna carelessly forgets to put on her bra"

  • laineyg says:

    She forgot her autotune as well – was miles off key in the first verse anyway!

    Being over 25 the braless option is not for me, even if I wasn’t bouncing around like she was last night. I have one halter from Coast that I can wear braless as it has a decent amount of support, so still doesn’t give the Rihanna effect :)

    Lindsey Lohan is more often without a bra than with, and yet her b00bs seem to stay fairly perky. Impressive.

  • Dee says:

    Not a hope in hell, I’d be arrested!:D. Those with smaller chests, like Rhianna, may get away with it, but anyone who has more than a handful (excuse the phrase!)cannot go bra less imo!.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Lindsey and Rihanna are skinny minnies though and probably not worried about sagging!
    I couldn’t do it, it would feel weird

  • PinkPanther says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to see my E cups bouncing around! I can’t even slob around at home without one never mind go out in public. I couldn’t have got away with this look past the age of 13

  • Alla says:

    we all have breast and know that they bounce when you move around? what’s wrong with that? you ladies need to stop and accept the bodies we have, bras are not a necessity for everyone. it’s a choice and every female should respect that.

  • razzle dazzle says:


  • PinkPanther says:

    Agreed Alla, I just choose to wear a bra!

  • miffyonline says:

    Yes I noticed them wobbling when she got up from her seat, and she’s no A-cup either. Fair play to her – hope it doesn’t come back to (droopily) haunt her in later years LOL.

    Love the dress though – fab style and colour.

  • BBG says:

    Alla, I don’t think anyone said it’s not a choice. She performed the way she wanted to and I couldn’t care less if she wore a bra or not. All I know from my experience is that from a certain cupsize upwards it’s very impractical and uncomfortable not to wear a bra. Having been a long time A cup girl before becoming a C cup, I would draw the line at B cup, where it depends on your mood whether you put on bra or not when going out of the house. Otherwise you can feel that the unsupported weight does more harm than good. My opinion anyway.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Alla – obviously there’s nothing wrong with it… it’s just that a lot of people wouldn’t feel comfortable with doing it themselves – so there’s no need to lecture!

  • Joanne says:

    Had to mute my laptop, the sound of her singing is like nails down a blackboard!

    She’s hardly flat-chested, and she’ll regret not wearing a bra much when she’s older methinks! Besides, it’s not like the cut of that dress meant she couldn’t get away with wearing a bra.

  • Anneml says:

    According to a picture in last week’s Metro she performed one day last week in an outfit fashioned entirely out of strips of elastic with gaps between them. Kind of like a barely bandaged mummy. Anyway I don’t think her fashion choices are to be trusted!

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