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Line Up: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes

By | September 21 2009 | 6 Comments

D’ya remember we flagged Urban Decay’s new Ink for Eyes liners a month or so ago? Five colours are on offer: green, purple, navy, black and brown and there’s also a sparkly top coat version that’s not being released here, unfortunately, cos it sounds fab. I got my paws on a couple of these babies to try, and here’s the verdict.

The good

The way the liner is presented is actually excellent – the long thin pan makes it really easy to pick up colour without smushing it about as you can do in a pot. The brush is also surprisingly good. It’s angled, firm, non-scratchy and really works to apply the product in a precise line. Bonus points to Urban Decay for this – normally I throw these things straight out, but this is a keeper. It’s double-ended too, so you can use it for smudging, making the product versatile. Price is competitive at €20: you get lots of liner, the aformentioned brush is a big plus and the slim compact features a mirror as well.

Lastly, the shade choice, though muted, is made up of flattering colours that you’ll actually use. The navy in particular is gorgeous.

The bad

Application’s a cinch, the texture and consistency are nice and the colour is deep and true. But it smudges. You really need to use a primer with this, I think. At first I thought it was because I was Trilogy-ing my face before makeup, so it was slipping off because of the oil. But switching back to a cream-based moisturiser didn’t improve slippage, so I started to prime my lids before using it.

That does the trick, and as Urban Decay are also the creators of the cult Primer Potion, well then, that’s yer answer right there, eh?

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