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Jeez, We Didn’t See This One Coming…

By Lynnie | February 10 2009 | 10 Comments


In news that will not come as much of a shock to anyone with an eye in their head or a brain in their skull, Nina Ricci are sueing the makers of the Twilight tie-in perfume “Forbidden Fruit” for blatantly ripping off drawing a li’l too much inspiration from the very distinctive bottle of the former’s “Nina” fragrance.

How in the name of Banoffi did they think that pulling a copycat stunt like this was a good idea?!

Anyways, this is a bit of a disaster for obsessive Twilight fans who are busy cursing Puig (who own Nina Ricci) and their litigious ways, as it’s likely that the legal action will put the kybosh on production of the vamp-y Scint.

Undead ones, take note: sucking the life juice out of mortals, fine; trademark infringement, bad…

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