Got a Hair Care? Peter Mark’s Michael Doyle Answers YOUR Questions!

By | April 30 2009 | 27 Comments

michael doyle

While he’s based at Peter Mark’s Grafton Street branch, Michael Doyle may well be familiar to you from his numerous TV appearances – he’s been on Off The Rails a ton of times over the years and is regularly called on to primp hair at all manner of swish events, most recently at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards.

Particularly savvy at spotting trends, Michael believes that the hair and fashion industries are bound together, and that really informs the direction he takes as an award-winning stylist. Recently honoured by the Irish Hairdressing Federation with an Irish All Star Award, he’s now on hand to answer your celeb and trend-related barnet botherers.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know how Lady GaGa got to be just that precise shade of blonde or if you’ve lain awake at night wondering just how to channel a bananas catwalk trend, then Michael’s yer only man. Leave your fashion or ‘sleb related hair query in a comment and we’ll put the best ones to him.

Take it away, ladies!

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27 Replies to "Got a Hair Care? Peter Mark’s Michael Doyle Answers YOUR Questions!"

  • Twinkle says:


    I have really wanted to get hair extensions for a long time now and recently heard about a technique favoured by Lauren Conrad from MTV’s The Hills which involves surgical tape seemingly! Have you heard of this method, and would you recommend this or a different variety of hair extensions? I have the clip-in variety but having naturally light blonde hair I cannot find a shade of blonde that correctly matches so they always look very fake!

  • Jenna says:

    Hi Michael,

    I recently had my hair cut to above my shoulders after a bad experience at my local hairdressers. I am desperate to grow it long again and have been told that vitamin D supplements as well as Silica will greatly speed it up. Do you think this will help or is a good diet the best way to go?


  • cathyfly says:

    This is a great idea – thanks! *Goes off to think of really deadly hair question*

  • Hannah says:

    Oh I have one….

    Hello Michael,

    I have long very dark brown (almost black) hair that is going VERY silver around hairline with less concentrated grey throughout. I am 39 so don’t want to keep dying too dark – and dye tends to look very bright on the grey areas anyway. I am not too fond of reddish colours against my skintone either so I thought best thing is probably golden/caramel highlights but any time I have had highlights they have ended up a bit orange in my hair. Would be most grateful for any ideas or suggestions.

    Thank you.

  • holly golightly says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have naturally wavy/curly hair which I let dry naturally. The length of the hair is in godd condition and looks nice and smooth, the top looks kinda fuzzy with those annoying shorter hairs flying up. (I use the Be curly shampoo, conditioner and be curly curl enhancer) My first thought was to start doing a deep condition once a week but it’s so annoying. Hop into the shower, wash hair, apply mask, out, dry, dress, and then 30 minutes later you have to get in the shower again. Is there any treatments you can put in when your hair is dry before washing. I really don’t trust the 3 minute masks to work in such a short time!


  • MAC Addict says:

    morning, could you please ask him what hair colours/sytles etc are in fashion for this summer? also some advice on what to do with hair for a summer wedding,but not too severe, more a casual kinda look sorta…hope im making sense!!! tnx :) xxx

  • BLUE_Eyes says:

    I wear my hair up every single day of my life (no exaggeration honestly!) I ALWAYS have flyaways at the hairline probably due to cracking from being tied up always- so how can you smooth them out please?! should I be using a protein shampoo to help it or is there an after wash product I could put in (serum/leave in conditioner etc)?

    Also I seem to lose a LOT of hair every time I wash it when I brush the conditioner through my hair – I either use my fingers or a tangle teezer brush to work the conditioner through my hair(starting at the ends always) until there are no knots left – i try not to get conditioner on the roots but a little bit does end up there while getting all the knots out – am I doing it all wrong or what can I do to not crack my hair so much please?

  • DeeDee says:

    i’d love to know how to do a big curly blow-dry

  • DeeDee says:

    also getting married this year (have been letting all colour and highlights grow out in preparation), i am pretty much back to my natural colour now (medium to dark brown) and would love some advice on colours for the big day. i don’t want to do anything dramatic like going blond, i just want to try and enhance my natural colour

  • lillybilly says:

    mw too me too !

    Hi Michael,

    Can you recommend a good product for very fine hair to boost volume ? I have hair like wet lettue at the moment :(

    Thanks so much


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