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Chanel Rouge Allure Laque VS Bourjois So Delicate

By | July 28 2009 | 10 Comments

bourjois vs chanel

Ooooh, not sure. I may not have told yiz all how much I love lipstick. Have I mentioned it? Oh, perhaps I have at that, a time or 20.

I also love a fancy hybrid. Taken by Revlon’s Colourstay Liquid Lipstick, I’ve also blogged about Bourjois and Chanel’s liquid gloss-stick mixes too, and as they’re a fair bit similar, lets stack them against each other for a VS post.

Packaging and Price

Both are pretty – So Delicate’s plastic tubes are slim profiled and coloured according to the shades available – so they stack up against each other nicely and look good on display. By contrast, Rouge Allure Laque is a weighty, luxe-feeling bit of beauty kit, featuring sleek black lines, a heavy glass base and golden accents. OK, it completely wins, despite being almost 200% more expensive than Bourjois’ €11.99 at a cool €30.50.

Texture and Longevity

Bourjois So Delicate is pitched as a lip product that transforms from a cream to soft, matte powder on the lips; Rouge Allure Laque is also creamy, but super-duper-duper shiny, glossy and cushioney. Surprisingly, for something so glossy, the Chanel product really lasts on the lips. Less surprising is the fact that the Bourjois one does too, but as it sort of sets to a finish, I do expect it to last.

We’re not talking a long-wear result here; rather, both last easily as long as a regular lipstick style product, and a lot longer than some of those you’d care to mention.

So they’re both delivering a fairly similar result, despite being so differently textured. Rouge Allure Laque wins for evening vampishness, and So Delicate takes the daytime prize.

Glam Factor

Sorry Bourjois. Your pretty, soft finish is lovely and subtle, but you can’t compete with your opponents’ high-octane uber-glam. Chanel = winner.

Shade Choice

So Delicate comes in six pinky-browny shades and Rouge Allure Laque is available in eight, from a dark peachy beige through to pinks and up to red. For sheer knock-out impact, the Dragon Red shade is an out-and-out winner. Both offer fairly similar shades but Chanel has a couple more options, so it wins. Would it help any if I said that So Delicate smells really nice? Sort of olde-worlde, powdery and floral.

Overall Result

You’ll have seen where I’m going with this one: I really like the Bourjois products and use them all the time – they’ve truly become a handbag staple since they launched. But in a victory for poshness, Chanel’s going to win this one – packaging, texture, finish and shade choice all conspire to make me not care about the price differential. But if you’re looking to check out a liquid lipstick with longevity, you could do a whole lot worse than So Delicate.

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