Bobbi Brown Adds Bespoke Strings to her Beauty Bow

By | May 11 2009 | 13 Comments

BB 6-pan Palette

Well, that’s the biggest amount of alliteration I’ve ever managed in a post title,  I think.

Last year we took a look at Bobbi Brown’s new custom palettes concept – refillable three, four and six pan compacts you could design with any combination of blush and shadow.

Shortly after that, they added lip options with little flippy lids to keep them clean, and now the brand has made their foundation sticks available in a click-in compact form too. What does this mean for the savvy beauty buyer? Well, it basically allows you to build a one-stop-shop of products and colours that you love and which, more importantly, actually suit you.

This is what’s known as an investment purchase – you will lay down a close-your-eyes-and-hand-over-the-plastic amount of cash in the first instance, but the pans are big – I, ahem, just got a tape measure out and they are about 3.5cm on a side, so there’s a lot of product there. I’m still using my two-blush two-shadow selection almost a year later, and there’s loads left.

I’m not just inventing this ‘investment’ thing as an editorial angle either: apparently staff at the Bobbi Brown counter at Selfridges in London have clocked a trend – over the past number of months, a ‘significant number’ of women have opted for the custom palette.

In response, the brand has just added the new foundation pans in 20 shades, €20, as well as three lip quads, €21.50 a pop, and shimmer blush in two shades for €26 each. The six pan palette will set you back €15. What do you think? Is this a beauty buying approach you can get behind, or do you like your little splurges too much?

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13 Replies to "Bobbi Brown Adds Bespoke Strings to her Beauty Bow"

  • Hermione says:

    I will definitely be getting one of these! I thik it’s perfect because you can buy the items week-by-week so you’re still getting your splurge but at better value.

    I may need two ;)

  • MontyC says:

    I will definitely be investing on one of these.

    Have already picked out the colours I want…

  • Orlando says:

    So in total it’s about e110…?Seems a bit expensive to me but then literally all you’d need would be mascara and it’s all good quality so I think it sounds fab!

  • Hannah says:

    Was in Bobbi Brown in BT Galway on Friday god the whole town was dead – no one at the beauty counters and Boots was empty apart from a few tourists…I was nearly tripping over the piles of Protect and Perfect. But the SA at the BB counter was fantastic…gorgeous African girl and really the most helpful and friendly SA I have met in a long time. Bought lip tint in Punch and lip cream in Rose Petal and a navy eyeshadow…amazing how skin tone changes an eyeshadow colour…on her skin it was really blue but on mine its close to black. And the custom palette is a great size…big enough to get to get good value from the pans but would easily fit in to handbag…definitely worth it to have all your basics in one palette – especially for travel. BB is by far my favorite make-up now. Oh and the SA did a lip colour chart on me that shows what colour range you suit your lip colour…I always buy lippies that look great in the lights of the shop but no so good when I get home and I end up abandoning them to the back of the pile…but was delighted with the colours I got this time – lovely summery pinky-browns.

  • dreamgirl says:

    Lusting after this for aaaaaaaaaaaaages!
    Anyone know if they will be cheaper at the new Dublin Airport BB counter?

  • Millie says:

    these are a great idea, i hate having light pinks etc in a compact that are NEVER used, a custom one to suit yourself is a much better idea !

  • laineyg says:

    I had a look at the stuff in the airport on Friday, the shadows are enormous. I can’t see any reason to ever have a shadow that big. I’ve been using my shimmering nudes palette since last september A LOT and those tiny shadows are not even 10% used – I could never use the big ones.

  • becks says:

    I have 2 eyeshawdow (one being my everyday one th eother is a navy one which I waer at night sometimes). I was considering the 3 palette but might go to the 6 over time – very handy for travelling.

  • xgirl says:

    I love the eyeshadow and blush palette I have and if they added pressed powder to the lineup I’d be delighted to have everything in one handy palette for travel etc.

  • MontyC says:

    Had a good look at these in Selfridges and they are gorgeous. Yes it’s expensive but the squares as huge so God only know when you’d run out!

    I’m going to go for the 4 pan palette – foundation, eye shadow, blush and lip quad.

  • Olaola says:

    I agree with laineyg, I don’t see the point of those massive eyeshadows. Surely they could make them half the size, so you can put more into your palette AND be able to use it up within less than 10 years?
    I love this kind of things though. So handy for traveling, unlike those ready-made palettes where I end up with two lippies I never use and a light pink shadow (ALWAYS there) that makes me look like a rabbit.

  • miffyonline says:

    I splashed out last month (via House of Fraser Belfast who maile my goodies to me!) and got a 4-pan palette. I use it mainly for eyeshadows, one of which I use for eyebrow colour, but I have a blush I can pop in if I am going away for the weekend. I can add to it with lippies etc as time goes on.

    I have to say the palette does appear a bit on the flimsy side, I certainly would not bung it in my handbag or anything, I doubt the shadows would remain intact for very long.

    The mirror in it is great, the full size of the lid, and the lid itself opens more than the usual 90 degrees.

  • Audrey says:

    Hey, someone had asked if Bobbi Brown is cheaper at Dublin Airport, just to answer that question, YES!! IT SURE IS!
    The airport is about 20% cheaper on most lines, and up to 40% cheaper then down town prices.

    Just took a look at the airport shopping website,

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