Blather: Tuesday

By | July 14 2009 | 200 Comments

It’s Tuesday  – blather on, Beaut.ies!

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  • Ladyelle says:

    Morning girlies…and another Tuesday rolls around again….can you believe it’s the middle of July already ?! Mad busy in work so not sure if I’ll get blathering much today but I’ll try ! Have a good one ladies ! xx
    Oh meant to ask as well can the Jergens moisturisers be used on your hands as well ?

  • Breige says:

    Morning everyone!I’m the opposite, not so busy at work myself right now!
    Ladyelle, the Jergens moisturiser I got (the extra softening one I think) wouldn’t be thick enough to be a hand cream, well I don’t think so anyway! It’s very light though it is pretty moisturising so if you don’t think you’d mind a lighter cream as hand cream, then it might work!

  • Ladyelle says:

    That’s the one I have Breige !! I might try it and see coz I don’t like really thick hand creams that make my hands feel greasy…

  • Townygirl says:

    Morning ladies. I’m gutted this morning. I somehow got up an hour early this morning. Boyf isn’t very happy! I’ve been to Tesco and done my shopping already. whadda muppet

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Townyg – That’s a good thing! :) Best part of the day is the early morning :)

  • Townygirl says:

    Thalia, yeah true but it was the workmen on the road outside that woke me. I couldn’t even go for a walk because the road is in a hoop. i was rushing about and everything thinking it was 8 and it was 7.30. lol

  • Breige says:

    Tonwygil, I woke up early this morning as well, well before 6 o clock. However, I decided to doze instead of getting up and being productive

  • sweetie1 says:

    ha ha Towny! At least you’re well organised early in the day!
    Busy today cos I had a very unproductive day yesterday…but its all gonna happen today….

    Have a good one ladies!

  • Ladyelle says:

    Towny :lol: I was the total opposite yesterday ! Woke up an hour late and was mad late for work !

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