Blather: Tuesday

By Aisling | July 7 2009 | 170 Comments

Be sure to tune in to 2FM this morning around 10.30am – Kirstie will be on chatting to G Ryan himself!

Oh, and you can find the winners of the RoC Minesol and MyFace comps in the forums.

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170 Replies to " Blather: Tuesday"

  • Breige says:

    Morning everyone!Weather is so miserable here in the ‘Sunny South East’ though it hasn’t started raining…yet! There’s water on my desk today, I think the roof is leaking!Not good at all

  • sweetie1 says:

    Morning all!
    Good luck with GRyan Kirstie…can’t listen to radio here in work unfortunately. I do like a bit of Gerry in the morning when I’m not here though (or when I’m late). Say hi to us! ;)

  • daisy says:

    Morning girls, am so tired this morning and have huge bags under my eyes! All I want is my bed….

  • Linda81 says:

    Morning girls. Wish the sun would come back :(

  • roxette says:

    Morning all :)

    Good luck on the radio Kirstie – what will ye be talking about?
    Cant listen in here in work.

  • jill says:

    will you be recommending something for gerrys jowels?

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Morning all. Alarm didn’t go off this morning so woke up half an hour late. Cue a desperate dash around the house to make the train and a very thrown-together me! I hate that feeling.

    Will try to have a listen to you and G Ryan Kirstie – I think you can listen online? Have fun!

  • tcup says:

    morning! back after a lonnng weekend me had been off since thursday feels like i’ve been away for a year!

    gillian there? i just emailed you back there

  • Ladyelle says:

    Morning girlies ! Good luck today Kirstie we have g ryan on here at the moment I’ll try and keep it on they have a tendancy to switch the station every 5 mins in here !!
    Got a yukky burn on my hand last night taking chicken out of the oven have a big horrible blister on my hand now despite putting it under cold water for ages ! :(

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