Blather: Thursday

By | July 9 2009 | 166 Comments

Nearly the weekend! Joy!

We’ll have Urban Decay comp winners coming up this morning so say tuned. UPDATE! UD winners are now available in the forums!

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  • cristabelle says:

    Morning Girls, Happy Thursday :)

    Quick Q – I;m going to a wedding on saturday & with my lack of skill in whole eye makeup department, I was thinking of being cheeky & going & getting my makeup done somewhere. You know not like a salon or anything, but maybe a trial at a makeup counter or something & see what tips & stuff they can give me …. Any suggestions?

  • Breige says:

    Morning everyone. I think it’s going to be one of those days for me, slept in, can’t find my front door keys and now Outlook isn’t working so I can’t check emails. :( I feel like crying and it’s not even 9 yet!

  • tcup says:

    cristabelle where abouts are you?

  • Jenni says:

    Morning Girls!

    Cristabelle – I’ve had my make-up done at the Benefit counters in BT2 Dundrum and House of Fraser Dundrum. Personally, I find the Benefit girls in House of Fraser much nicer and better make-up artists too…but have never had it done at any of the other counters there. For most of the counters in HoF I think they expect you to have purchased a couple of items before they’ll offer to do it – def. with Benefit anyway. Also, you generally need to be booked in if you’re planning on getting a ‘full face’ done!

  • jill says:

    cristabelle i’ve had my eyes done at benefit a couple of times – they’d prob fit you in at 9/10am. just make sure to emphasise daytime natural wedding look – you’ll still end up with more makeup on than you’d usually wear & a nice smokey eye! (in my experience anyway)

    Daytime smokey – thats a thing right?

  • velveteen says:

    Breige…crappy start to the day!! Just wondering – are you based in Dublin?

  • tcup says:

    where is everyone?

  • Anon says:

    Hi girls how are you all bit of a dilemma….. was on hols recently with my boyf and we didnt get on too great but hadnt been before that we went out to the same place a few nights and we met this english guy really nice guy, my boyf always get so drunk too quickly and goes to bed early so as usual did this and I stayed up talkin to this lovely english guy its like we had a real connection we got on so well, that night he tried to kiss me and obviously I didn’t we met him the next few nights as weel he apologised for tryin to kiss me but we just got on so well, and now I cant stop thinkin of him and I know nothing about him aside from his 1st name his age and where he’s from ??? I really want to get in contact and its bringin me down a bit that I dont know anything else about him. I must sound like such a bitch but havent really been happy with boyf well on and off for a while just don’t want to hurt him… any advice

  • Jenni says:

    Was thinking the same thing Tcup! How’s the running going?

  • tcup says:

    going really good jenni we ran 30 mins there on tues tonight is the last night but i might have to give it a miss i think i’m going to some album launch thingy. we’re going to do a fun run at the end of the month now too should be good fun! are you going to start??

    anon i dont know what to tell ya if your unhappy with the current BF then dump him but take it from someone who knows the grass is NOT greener.

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