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By xgirl | February 11 2008 | 5 Comments

yonka le baume visageThe cold weather has not been kind to my skin lately. Being treated to alternating blasts of icy cold wind and dry, centrally-heated air has left my skin dry and flaky, with that horrible tight sensation across my cheeks and around my mouth. I’m always tempted to lash on rich, heavy creams when my skin is like this, but I know from experience that the result is usually clogged pores and breakouts.

So last night I whipped out a recent purchase to see what it would do – Yonka Le Baume Visage. Containing lots of lovely-sounding ingredients like Jasmine and Narcissus Essential Waxes; Musk Rose, Rice, Grape Seed and Camellia Oils and Vitamins A, C and E, among other things, this balm melts on contact with the skin, so you can gently massage it in. My skin immediately felt soothed and comforted after applying it, and I woke up this morning to soft, plumped up skin, with none of the same tightness I’ve been feeling lately.

This is a pricey item (available from Yonka salons; I believe it is priced at around €70, though I picked it up on eBay for a less), so I’ll be saving it for use when my skin really needs the extra moisture. But if winter weather is drying your skin out too, this is definitely worth trying out.

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5 Replies to "Yonka 1 – Dry Skin 0"

  • Red says:

    I love Yon-ka. That is all I need to say!

  • becks says:

    Sounds fab. I have a yonka facial booked this week – can’t wait…

  • PinkPanther says:

    I’ve never used Yonka but I’m tempted. My skin has been a complete mess since Christams. Flaky in parts and breakouts over my chin. I haven’t done anything different to my usual regime so I just don’t understand! My skin has never had problems before now other than the odd spot as a teenager. I’m reluctant to splash out major euro dollars on a product I don’t know will work.

  • Redhead Gal says:

    just wondering can you get this online anywhere?

  • Flame says:

    Just in relation to moisturisers for not dry skin – i’ve slightly oily skin with some spots mostly on my chin. Only had a boots evening primrose oil moisturiser at home which i used sometimes if my skin felt dry or tight but not every day. Decided i needed to get one that suited my skin a bit better (think evening primrose is usually for dry skin) so got a Neutrogena one for oily skin (ps how is neutrogena rated as a brand? Don’t hear much about it here) and also got The Body Shop tea tree oil mattifying day moisturiser. They’re both very nice and sink in quickly with no greasy shiny look, and my skin def looks better, a little bit plumper and nicer in general, i’ve even gone the last couple of days with no makeup on, just a little foundation on my chin for the spots and then mascara & eyebrow pencil. Have been using the Body Shop one more cos i have the matching night lotion. :)

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