The Tale of The Catholic Brazilian

By | June 5 2008 | 25 Comments

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A friend recounted recently a tale of woe at the beauty salon. In she’d gone for a wax job on her nethers, as they needed a tidying, and she’d requested a Brazilian. But what she got, dear readers, was the sort of Brazilian you’d expect Sister Concepta from school to give you. Less landing-strip, and more landing-field, she deemed the result, ‘the Catholic Brazilian’.

Naturally enough, I laughed so hard at her story I thought I’d wet myself, but it did make me think about other salon experiences I’ve had where I’ve come out thinking, ‘eh, did I really ask for that?’, as I scurry out of sight, hoping no one can see the face full of clown makeup, terrible frou-frou blowdry or truly rotten manicure that’s just been inflicted on me.

What about yourselves? What’s been your stand-out terrible beauty experience?

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25 Replies to "The Tale of The Catholic Brazilian"

  • dee says:

    the worst I know of is a friend of mine who went in to get her split ends cut off and came out with a mullet, she says she was so shocked when she looked up from the magazine to see what had happened that she couldnt speak.

  • dossingatwork says:

    i got a manicure in heaven on grafton street and while the end result was fine the way she did it was awful! she yanked my cuticles off without really cutting them properly it was so gross! aaargh still shudder when i remember it!

  • xgirl says:

    I still shudder at the memory of the Stila makeover where they used dark brown gel eyeliner on my EYEBROWS. I looked like a cartoon villain, but at least the husband got a great laugh out of it when I got home…

  • ams says:

    I too have suffered the wrath of the stila MUA’s when one of them inflicted a look that can only be described as Panda Eyes on me. I was mortified walking out of the shop!

    LOL loving the idea of the catholic brazilian!

  • Bumblebee says:

    I had a manicure last week & had a paper cut on my hand. I pointed it out to the therapist and as it was a mini mani with no hand massage, scrub or cream etc she said it was grand as she woudlnt be going near it. But when she was finished she had gotten nail polish remover, protein treatment and polish itself in to it. It is now septic and covered with a plaster. Needless to say, I complained and am having a complimentary treatment next week. I really felt guilty complaining though as she was such a nice girl!

  • Clarence says:

    I was left with 3 or 4 bleeing cuticles after a manicure in Blow a year or two ago .. but typically I said nothing at the time.

  • Poppins says:

    ahthe time i got spray tan and make up done for a wedding and had my hair all tied up and was left with whiter than white ears and behind my ears wre all white

  • liitlesis says:

    Years ago I went to get my hair done for the debs. I have blonde curls which can be styled nicely IF the hairdresser knows what to do… Needless to say this particular girl didn’t and I came out with an afro to rival anyone in the 70s!!
    I had to lie on my hair to try and flatten it…

  • Millie moo says:

    Ha thats so funny a Catholic Brazalian, but can understand as i have had a similar experience before the girl left a big square patch instead of a nice thin strip, i was raging. Had another experience which was the total opposite, went to a different therapist to get a Brazalian done and came out bald not a bit did i have left she was wax happy.
    Just do my own now, at least it will be done the way i want and its cheaper!!!

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