The Lifeline challenge: lose the hangover

By Aisling | January 4 2008 | 17 Comments


We set four party mad twenty somethings a little challenge. It was New Years Eve. We asked them to go out and have as many drinks as they’d normally have on the last night of the year. The only change in their routine would be the taking of two Lifeline capsules before the party started. We’ve been hearing quite a bit about Lifeline lately. Until recently it was only available in Ireland – and on Ryanair . Now if Michael O’Leary thinks it will be a be a good money spinner, then that’s a good measure of it’s effectiveness – or is it?

Apparently if it works for you it really works. No hangover. Take two capsules an hour before your first drink (available in chemists, it’s about €14 for twenty tablets.). Composed of ingredients like activated charcoal and vitamin B and C, there’s no harmful chemicals in Lifeline. Obviously we’re not encouraging binge drinking here at, but we accept that it does happen. To some people. Not us of course.

On New Years Day I received the following report.

Three of the gang (the two guys and one of the girls) had no hangover. Whatsoever. They’d worked their way through champagne, beers, wine and shorts. “Normally we’d be dying” chirped Miss S. “But we feel as if we weren’t out at all last night. We’ll definitely be taking this again – it’s amazing!”

But what of the other girl? She was too ill to talk to me. Apparently she’d croaked “Lifeline my hole” upon first awakening. It didn’t work for her at all.

But still: three out of four – a pretty good result. Read more about Lifeline here.

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17 Replies to "The Lifeline challenge: lose the hangover"

  • belle says:

    ohmygod. i had the hangover from hell today. still not better, and its 9.30pm. could have done with these bad boys!

  • Admin says:

    I am totally getting a pack of these today.

  • Princess Buttercup says:

    Oh jesus! I only get mild hangovers but I tried these once and had to pull over on my way to work to vom! They must either work brilliantly for you or make you even worse.

  • Annie says:

    Unfortunately, I had the same experience as the fourth girl. Normally I don’t get very bad hangovers – just a headache and if it’s worse that usual, maybe a queasy stomach. However, the one and definitely only time I tried lifeline, I was never so sick in my life. Never. I’m shuddering thinking about it.

    I definitely agree with Princess Buttercup!

  • ams says:

    Ive heard that the soma charcoal tabs do the same job as these!

  • gingersnap says:

    I tried these and they made me sick as anything (and I am verrrry rarely sick from alcohol consumption!) So no thanks for me.

  • Poppins says:

    they work for me but not for some of my friends. vodka gives me an awful hangover southern conmfort is my drink ive no hangovers at all from it no matter how much i drink

  • PinkPanther says:

    Hmmm, I’m a bit sceptical. Hangovers are usually cause by dehyration. And water is the only thing that will help. Don’t see how tablets of any description can prevent it. Maybe it was a placebo effect on the first theree volunteers?

  • Aphrodite says:

    These are really interesting comments, cos Miss S said her friend doesn’t usually get hangovers at all – but got a dreadful one after the Lifeline. So that tallys with what y’all are saying. But she and the others who’re normally dying with them were fine!

  • becks says:

    Pink – I’d agree I’m a bit of ‘if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is’. Maybe there is special anti- dehyrating properties in the tablets???

  • Tish says:

    Well they defo sound like something to try if you normally suffer a lot, but sounds like if you only get mild after effects not to bother!

    I know one girl who swears by them but I don’t usually get anything worse than a little headache, tiredness and an unhealthy hankering for sausage rolls so I think I’ll leave them alone!

  • Bee says:

    These don’t do it for me either. Can’t beat water water water in between the copious amounts of gin, which results in many trips to the bathroom and an excuse to reapply the slap. Then two nurofen the next morning and mars bars and tea as required.

  • Annabel says:

    I always take these. They definitely work for me. You can buy 2 capules on their own for €2 in the chemists if you want to try them without buying the big box.

  • Princess Buttercup says:

    If you can remember to drink water before bed and are collected enough to drink it between real drinks, you’re not drunk and won’t get a hangover, at least that’s my attitude to it.

  • trillian II says:

    lol Princess Buttercup!

    Unfortunately I have to agree. The nights I’m sensible, I’m usually just tired the next day.

  • Buttercup, I drank 4 pints of water before going to bed on Christmas night, and was DYING on St Stephen’s…spent about half an hour in the bathroom getting sick… and then went out on Saturday got completely bollocksed (I may have been brought home, but thats not an important detail) and woke up fine the next morning! I think it definately has to do with the amount of sleep you get, as well as the amount you drink and what the drink is as well! Had 8 vodka and coke on New Years Eve, was drunk, but alot of people couldnt tell (how bad am I normally????) and woke up fine as well.

  • Princess Buttercup says:

    I’m firmly anti-water when it comes to imbibing alcohol. It just never works for me and sometimes makes me puke – if it’s not there, it won’t come up.

    Alcohol aside, if I stayed up until 5am and drank copious amounts of anyting – Coke, milk, orange juice – I’d be mighty sick too.

    Vodka’s yer man alright LMW.

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